Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula Baby Feeding

Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula

Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula #MomsKnowBestWM

This Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula #MomsKnowBestWM post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula #MomsKnowBestWM

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I started researching everything. I read everything that I could find about having a baby, taking care of a baby, feeding a baby and more. I bought books. I found websites. I searched out local mommy and me groups. Motherhood has brought more joy to my life than anything else and it was important enough for me to find other women who were in the same stage of life: pregnant or with a newborn. We hope that you enjoy this Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula #MomsKnowBestWM post.

I found an amazing online forum of local women who really helped with those middle of the night questions. These women answered questions, laughed with me, cried with me and we even met in person quite a bit at first. I found my tribe and I have to say that I truly believe it made parenting so much easier. I knew that I could ask any question and get an answer. I have three children while they have changed my life in so many ways, finding those women changed my life as well. I basically had a team of women from all walks of life going through motherhood at the exact same time. My best advice for any parent: Find your tribe.

Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula #MomsKnowBestWM

Parent's Choice™Advantage® Non-GMO Infant Formula

As a new mother, one of the things that concerned me was feeding. My son was born early and didn't quite develop his sucking reflex. We had to start with formula from Day 1 because of that. I pumped breastmilk and used formula as well. Parent's Choice™Advantage® Non-GMO Infant Formula is exactly what we needed. We had one income, shopped at Walmart and we were always needing to save money without sacrificing quality.

What I liked about the Parent's Choice Advantage formula was that it is designed to be more like breastmilk, is non-GMO, and it compares nutritionally to national brands. Even better, it cost me about half of what I would pay for a nationally advertised brand. The formula contains DHA, Lutein, and vitamin E; three naturally occurring nutrients found in breastmilk.  Additionally, the formula contains prebiotics and antioxidant vitamins and minerals. It's a formula that I know contains the ingredients that my growing child will need. By comparison, Advantage® Non-GMO Infant Formula is nutritionally comparable to Similac® Advance® Non-GMO infant formula. Learn more about the formula on the Parent's Choice website.

Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula #MomsKnowBestWM

Save Money with Parent's Choice Infant Formula

Not only are the Parent's Choice family of formulas great for growing babies, they can also save you family a little money. The formula itself is typically up to 50% cheaper than nationally advertised brands. You can check out the pricing here on the Walmart website.

Smart Choices for Non-GMO Infant Formula #MomsKnowBestWMGet $3 Cash Back with Ibotta

Ibotta, my new favorite way to earn cash while I shop, is offering $3 cash back on Parent's Choice infant formula purchases. This offer is valid on Parent's Choice™ Advantage® Formula for any variety, 30 oz. or larger and expires June 24, 2018 8:54 PM. You can check out the ibotta cash rebate here.

Enter the Parent's Choice Formula #MomKnowsBestWM Sweepstakes

Enter to win a Walmart gift card in the Parent's Choice Formula #MomsKnowBestWM Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes runs through July 16th and entry is easy. Simply post a picture with your advice and include the hashtag for entry. There will be 25 prizes total: $200 Walmart gift card. Just click on the graphic below to get started.

The Parent's Choice Formula #MomsKnowsBestWM Sweepstakes

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  1. Very interesting your tip. I like it so much, I’m expecting a baby and I’m researching everything about it since I’m a first-time mother. I loved your site.

  2. That is great advice: Find your tribe! I feel that it’s great that women are supporting each other in so many ways. Parent’s Choice makes baby products affordable for many one-income families, and this Non-GMO Formula sounds just right for newborns.

  3. Research is very important. Even if you’ve had a child or two, you can always learn more. And what better way to learn things than from other moms? I feel Parent’s Choice is an ideal baby care product line. Affordable and their foods are comparable to name brand.

  4. Women supporting each other has really been taken to greater heights with social media. I think that’s great. I would recommend this formula to expectant moms.

  5. Heather

    I remember those days of stocking up on baby products and how expensive it was. Finding a quality formula that’s non-GMO and a good price is a gold mine!

  6. Sounds awesome! It’s good to know what brand is good for babies especially since this will be their main source of nutrition.

  7. This is wonderful that there is a natural, healthy formula available for infants. It’s sad that there are so many ingredients put into products we buy that shouldn’t be in the product in the first place.

  8. There are so many more options now then when my kiddos were born. I did a lot of research on what I wanted to feed my child and I know one of the things I was learning about was GMO. I’m glad they now have a formula that has no GMO in it.

  9. Crystal

    I can’t believe that there is formula with GMO. Love that Parent’s Choice doesn’t use GMO ingredients.

  10. I used Parent’s Choice when my daughter was an infant. It was the only brand that worked for her sensitive stomach!

  11. We only want what is best for our children. I am a “label reader” which means I read the nutrition details, ingredient list, etc. I think Parent’s Choice is a good brand of formula that would support a child’s proper growth and nutrition. This is proof that brands that are “more affordable” does not mean it is of less quality.

  12. we have used many products from parent’s choice over the years. Can’t beat the great value! This sounds like a wonderful formula.

  13. It is so important to feel comfortable with your baby’s formula so this one looks great and Non GMO. I will have to tell my brother to look into this.

  14. Amy

    I used to use this formula with my kids too! It seems like yesterday that they were babies.

  15. Sounds like a great alternative to breastfeeding. Healthy for baby without GMO’s. It’s about time!

  16. I had no idea moms even had to worry about GMOs in their baby’s food. How awful!

  17. I’m glad they have so many choices for formula these days. It allows us, as mothers, to make the decisions that work for us and our families.

  18. It’s so important to really consult your doctor and do your research when it comes to formula.  

  19. This is a great deal for moms committed to feeding their baby formula. I nursed all my kids, including triplets, but supplemented with formula and wish there had been a non-GMO option back then.

  20. Wow- I had no idea about ANY of this. Definitely forwarding to my pregnant friend. She’s all about non-gmo!

  21. I have never used their formula but, I have used other products and they are pretty awesome. I will pass this on to my new mamas!

  22. My Teen Guide

    I love learning about brands that are easy on the budget without compromising on quality. I wish this brand was available when my kids were still young!

  23. Ruth I

    It’s good that there are products like this available in the market. A safe and healthy option for babies.

  24. Allison Cooper

    Love the Parent’s Choice brand! I went to an event here in NYC for Walmart this week and learned about all the innovative things that they have up their sleeves and they are truly paving the way when it comes to formula!

  25. Lisa Bristol

    My Granddaughter is 8 months old and my Daughter loves Parent’s Choice products. I will have to ask hew if she has considered the formula. She is going back to work soon and will need to switch her from breastfeeding.

  26. I’m not sure if there was a non-GMO baby formula when my son was a baby. But it’s really great to know that they have this available in the market now.

  27. Rose Ann Sales

    Sounds like a good brand, it so natural and healthy formula milk for infants. I wish it was available when my kids are still a baby. Will definitely share this with my friends!

  28. I like that Walmart offers a quality product for less. I have heard good things about the Parent’s Choice formula.

  29. Alicia Gonzalez

    Formula can really brake the bank for parents. It’s great that there are nutritional and affordable options available. Becoming a parent is the biggest life change.

  30. Sherry

    I have always been a fan of Parent’s Choice. I used their formula when my son was a baby. It’s great that they have broadened their product line.

  31. Wow, I never knew this before until I read your post. Indeed natural is the best formula for babies. My colleague just recently gave birth and I guess this should be shared to her.

  32. Hannah Mitchell

    Mamas know best! Doing research before giving your child a product is so important. Thank you for sharing, and informing us of everything. This is a great post for formula feeding moms or moms who want to start formula feeding.

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