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Knorr Flavors of Home

Knorr Rice Sides
My husband is a chef. He has studied cooking for years and in fact, he is very good at it. He cooks dinner 4-5 nights per week and while he is always very creative with the entrees, the sides he sometimes leaves to Knorr.
Rice is one of the quickest sides to make and it happens to be a favorite of my family's as well. The Lemon Garden Chicken pictured above is one of our favorites! Knorr through their ‘Flavors of Home' campaign believes in bringing flavor to people's lives and celebrating the greatest flavor on earth – the taste of home.


Knorr defines itself by a high standard of quality, flavour and freshness and is one of the world’s largest food brands, sold in more than 87 countries around the world. Great tasting products, including their iconic bouillon cubes and soups, are at the heart of the brand. Knorr’s 300+ dedicated chefs are true culinary experts and represent over 48 nationalities, making us one of the biggest employers of professional chefs worldwide. They are also committed to a sustainable future through sourcing agricultural ingredients responsibly and building sustainable practices.


The video shows the story of Carmen, a British girl who is now living in the Arctic. Of course, she misses her friends, family and life back home, but what she misses most is her mom's cooking. Knorr has a great surprise in store for Carmen!


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This post has been sponsored by Knorr, but opinions are our own.

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