Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk Chair Aeron Office

Father’s Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk Chair

Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk Chair

Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk Chair

Living in a mid-century modern house, I have known of the Herman Miller company for quite a while now. In fact, the first office job I had once I graduated from college had Herman Miller office chairs for everyone in the office. I have been spoiled since then and honestly cannot imagine having another brand of chair for my desk. I spend a lot of time writing and as a result, I am constantly sitting in my chair and I need that chair to be high quality. We hope that you enjoy this Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk Chair post.

Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk ChairThis is my chair. It's called the Herman Miller Aeron chair and I have never had a more comfortable office chair. I have had it for quite a while now and it still looks just as good as the day I first sat it in which was about 15 years ago. That is what I mean by quality. In comparison, my husband is on his second roll of duct tape for his cheap office chair and constantly complains about back pain. His one request for Father's Day is a Herman Miller desk chair and the hardest part is narrowing down which one to get him.

Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk Chair

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Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk ChairAbout Office Designs

Office Designs, started in 1996, was the first company to promote the Herman Miller Aeron chair along with other leading-edge ergonomic chairs online. Our merchandise mix quickly grew and evolved beyond ergonomic chairs to modern classics, desks, storage, and décor. Next they added celebrated manufacturers and prominent design advocates and became the first online retailer to feature the illustrious triumvirate: Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Humanscale under one roof. Their mantra is to equip the whole office.

The Office Designs merchandise mix consists of the top furniture brands in the industry including time-honored classics of the mid-century to premier office furniture, to ergonomic masterworks, to edgy art pieces, every furnishing for today’s office is available on our site. They even have design consultants on staff to help you design the perfect office.

Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk ChairAbout Herman Miller

Based in Michigan, Herman Miller is a globally recognized provider of furnishings and related technologies and services. Their mission, inspiring designs to help people do great things has inspired the company for over 100 years. Herman Miller uses design innovation as a means of thinking, learning, and solving problems. It is this human-centered approach that begins with the study of people, their physical attributes and their behaviors that let's them create design solutions for people, wherever they work, learn, heal, and live.

We hope that you enjoyed this Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk Chair post. Happy shopping!

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Father's Day Gift Pick Herman Miller Desk Chair

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41 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. My Dad is back at uni studying, so this chair would make such an awesome idea as a Father’s Day gift as most of the time he is studying from home in his office.

  2. This is a great gift idea for dads who might need a new office chair. Some are very sleek and stylish, sure to enhance their office space.

  3. I like my chair but these chairs looklike they are a step above. I don’t need a chair but if i do I am looking for Herman Miller designs for any office furniture.

  4. Heather

    We spend a lot of time working at our desks. Having a good chair can make such a difference in how you feel and how productive you are. These all look like great options! So stylish!

  5. brianne

    What a great gift for Dads. My husband would love something like this! He’s been dying for a new office chair! 

  6. Reesa Lewandowski

    Wow these are nice!! A good office chair is so necessary for a comfortable and productive work space!

  7. I have heard such good things about these chairs. It would definitely make a great gift for Father’s Day!

  8. I need a new office chair so much! You would laugh your rear off if you saw mine. It’s a joke! I see the one I want here too! Thanks for the discount.

  9. I am sure my husband would love to be the proud owner of a Herman Miller chair. It’s hard to find a good office chair, but something tells me that Herman Miller is a cut above the rest.

  10. Kim

    There’s nothing better than a comfy chair while working. These look excellent.

  11. Peter

    I’m into one of these chairs for Father’s Day! They look like I could just melt into them

  12. Sounds like a great chair! Such an awesome gift! Can’t wait to show it to hubby!

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc

    These Herman Miller desk chairs are all so nice. Love the ergonomic designs! The mesh back office chair would really be comfortable and easy to clean. Thanks for this gift idea. My husband would love to have one of those.

  14. Rose Ann Sales

    Such nice discounts and those are great designs. I am sure my husband will love having this in his office, thanks for sharing this!

  15. These are great choices! I think I need a new office chair!

  16. My Teen Guide

    I would love to have a new office chair. Hmm.. maybe we could get two – one for me and one for my husband. We’ve been using the same office chairs for the longest time and I think it is about time for them to retire. I’ll check these pretty ergonomic chairs from Herman Miller.

  17. I often think about picking up a chair for my office but I never find one I like. I just use the treadmill desk although somedays it would be nice to have a chair, I need to shop now, thanks for sharing!

  18. Ruth I.

    This is perfect for my Dad! The styles are great that even I would love.

  19. It is time for Father’s Day! Always for some reason identify Fathers with chairs. So this range of chairs seem a natural choice for a Father’s Day gift.

  20. Cat

    I would be happy to have any of these desk chairs in our home office! The leather and wood one is very chic!

  21. We just ordered a few of these chairs at work!!! They are in high demand around here and now everyone wants one.

  22. Gemille Sleweon

    What a nice sale! With father’s day approaching, it would make for a great gift idea.

  23. Beautiful designs! I am obsessed with the leather and wood, also the one in blue color. So vibrant! 

  24. Hubby had been wanting a new chair when he does his paperwork online and when he plays some games on his laptop. I will surely recommend this Herman Miller desk chair.

  25. My husband will WANT this chair. NO JOKE. I cannot show it to him, hahahahahaha!

  26. I never would have thought to get him a new desk chair! He’s had his current one for far too long and it’s looking a bit… tattered

  27. OMG what a GREAT gift idea! That’s really clever! Herman Miller – I hadn’t heard of that but now I’m addicted 🙂 Those are seriously stylish!

  28. This is the perfect gift for Father’s Day! It’s such an awesome deal too.

  29. The quality of a computer desk chair can make a big difference. I used to work in a company where they bought the cheapest task chairs and they were so uncomfortable.

  30. This is definitely a perfect gift for dads this Father’s Day! Love their designs!

  31. What a great contemporary home office chair style. It looks like Herman Miller has some great gift ideas not only Father’s Day but new college grads who will be furnishing their first apartments this summer.

  32. Those chairs are really nice and would make for such a great Father’s Day gift for sure. We could use a new desk chair in our home office.

  33. These look awesome! I have been wondering what to gift hubs for Fathers day and think this would be perfect

  34. I love those chairs, they look very comfy and good for bad backs. This is an awesome deal too!

  35. These are so sleek looking! My husband has horrible back problems so I know he would love a new desk chair for fathers day, the one he has now is horrible.

  36. Sherry

    15 years with your office chair? Wow! Now that’s quality. A good investment for sure. I’m in need of one of these.

  37. I’d love a new desk chair. Mine is falling apart! Great savings too.

  38. Loving that chair, it looks so comfy. I am considering a massage add on for my chair at work

  39. I have owned several Herman Miller products through the years and have been very happy with each of them. And a Herman Miller desk chair is an awesome idea for Fathers Day!

  40. Forget Father’s day! Mama wants a new chair for her desk!

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