Fighting Hunger with Walmart and Unilever

Fighting Hunger with Walmart and Unilever

Fighting Hunger with Walmart and Unilever

This Fighting Hunger with Walmart and Unilever post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

Fighting Hunger with Walmart and Unilever

As a mom of three kids, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to teach my children in a fun way. One of the things that I strive to instill within my children is compassion for others, so when I recently learned that Walmart and Unilever were working together to raise money for Feeding America®, I knew I had to find a way to involve the kids. It seemed like a great way to teach a lesson while having a little fun.

Walmart made this very easy for me. They have a program called “Fight Hunger. Spark Change.” that makes it super simple to give back. Right now through April 30th, when you purchase any participating Ben & Jerry's, Knorr, or Hellman's product at Walmart, Unilever will donate the equivalent of at least one meal to Feeding America. How easy is that? Buy products that you already use and make a difference in the world. That is a message that I can get behind.

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Doing More

What we decided to do was go shop for the eligible products at Walmart and make a gift basket that the kids could drop off at our local food pantry. I figured that was a good way to teach the kids about giving back in a fun way. Plus, we bought some Ben & Jerry's as a little reward for a job well done….now that was most definitely a big hit with the kids.

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Fight Hunger with Walmart

If you would like to participate in the amazing program, just head over to Walmart and do a little grocery shopping. Look for the Fight Hunger message on the signs and products and pick what you need.  It really is that simple.

To learn more, head over to You will find all sorts of information about how to get involved, and for every click of support on the website, Walmart will donate $1.00 to Feeding America.  Additionally, you can learn more in this great video from Walmart and Nextdoor.

So go get your shopping on and do a little good for the world.

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For each participating Unilever product purchased at Walmart from April 2- April 30, 2018, Unilever will donate the monetary equivalent of at least 1 meal ($0.10) to Feeding America®. Visit for details. Unilever guarantees a minimum total donation of $150,000. Maximum total donation: $2,000,000. $1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. 

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  1. robin rue

    I Am at Walmart all the time, so I will definitely be stocking up. I love being able to help out.

  2. I love Unilever! They always support great causes like this fighting hunger campaign. Much respect to Unilever and their brands!

  3. This is a great cause because so many people need help and food. It is so nice to see a company trying to give back and it makes it easy to support them.

  4. Amy

    I love Unilever stuff so much! I just stocked up on Mayo and Knorr Sides too actually!!

  5. I love this campaign! And what better way to “reward” yourself than with Ben & Jerry’s! Two birds, one stone!

  6. A lot of times the best way to teach our children is through fun. I like the campaign that Walmart is promoting! A great way to teach the kids about making a difference.

  7. Reesa Lewandowski

    I love when brands work on campaigns like this! I will have to pick up some Unilever products at my local Walmart.

  8. Lisa Bristol

    I think we all need to do our part to fight hunger. This is a great program and easy to get involved with. I love to support businesses that give back.

  9. Sherry

    What a great cause to support. Nobody should go hungry. I think it’s awesome that Walmart and Unilever are doing this.

  10. I shop at Walmart all the time! I can’t wait to help this cause! Love the initiative! 

  11. brianne

    I just love that Unilever is doing their part to fight against world hunger! Stocking up on all participating brands asap! 

  12. It is always good to to hear about big food companies supporting such a great cause like fighting hunger. Giving back to the community is a big factor for me when I shop for my family.

  13. Such a great way to teach kids! It’s awesome that Walmart and Unilever are doing this campaign. Really amazing!

  14. Heather

    I love knowing I can support others, especially when it’s as easy as buying products I would anyway. Seeing the stickers and signs will help spark conversation with my kids about actions we can take for combating hunger.

  15. This is a great way to give back! Such an amazing campaign from big companies!

  16. I urge my kids to help out as much as we can and I think this is a great idea. I love that you’re getting your kids involved as well. It’s a good learning experience for them and it also teaches them compassion towards others.

  17. Kim Croisant

    Fighting hunger is important and I’m glad large companies are stepping up to help this worldwide epidemic.

  18. This is such a fantastic way to give back! What a great idea this is. I love that so many large companies are doing things like this these days.

  19. We always have mayonnaise on hand in our house and use it in a lot of our recipes. I love it when big brands like this help causes like you shared.

  20. I think this is such a great thing for Walmart and Unilever to be doing. It is great when big companies come together to make it easy for you to be able to give back.

  21. Wow! I had no idea they were doing this! It makes me want to buy Ben & Jerry’s (and the other products) even more!

  22. I love knowing that I’m helping other people just by doing my normal grocery store shopping! Kudos to brands like this making it easy for others to help fight hunger! I’ll have to add a few of these to my shopping list this week.

  23. I think it’s great when brands work together to help others. And this is a great cause too.

  24. What a great program! I wish I had discovered your article earlier though, because today is the 30th. I will keep an eye out for future programs because I am a huge advocate for wiping out hunger, here and around the world. Thank you Walmart!

  25. BONNIE G

    What a great way to give back. I shop Walmart a lot and have seen those stickers but wasn’t sure what exactly it was about. Thanks for sharing.

  26. This is a great program. We were just buying Mayo at Walmart! I’ll have to make sure we shop some more to support the program.

  27. I had no idea that there were so many brands that were a part of this program, well I should say so many everyday products I buy already. I will have to get them at Walmart.

  28. Kathy

    I love that they’re doing this. I’ve been buying some of these products as well. Anything to help out is always great. I buy most these products anyways. 🙂

  29. There’s nothing like giving the kids a chance to help out especially when it comes to people in need. I think it’s awesome that Walmart and Unilever has a program that allows people to contribute without giving much effort.

  30. There is nothing better than companies using their brand to help others. I will absolutely support Unilever in this campaign!

  31. i shop regularly at walmart and i am super thrilled to discover they support amazing cause too! great way to help and increase awareness too!

  32. I didn’t realize WalMart was doing this campaign! Okay, definitely will keep an eye out for the labelled products and incorporate it into our groceries!

  33. I love unilever products! I can’t tell you how many I use on a daily basis!

  34. I do this every once in a while. If I see it on the products I buy I definitely enter in the code. Every little bit helps.

  35. Thank you very much for an interesting and useful review!

  36. I really admire companies that give back. Love Unilever products and we shop at Walmart. Kudos to these companies for such a great cause.

  37. Ooh what a great idea! I love to hear about big companies such as this supporting others. We also use Unilever products where possible over here, although we don’t have a Walmart! 

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