A vacation behind the whel: 5 rules for planning the perfect road trip
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A Vacation Behind the Wheel: 5 Rules for Planning the Perfect Road Trip

 5 rules for planning the perfect road trip


Traveling by car gives you great freedom and allows you to discover exciting places, but you need to prepare it carefully. Car travel is one of the best ways to explore a new country or region because the second car allows you to discover places far from the beaten tourist routes. However, like any other trip, a road trip needs planning. It is worth preparing for it carefully to avoid disappointment.


A vacation behind the wheel: 5 rules for planning the perfect road trip

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A vacation behind the wheel: 5 rules for planning the perfect road trip


After choosing a region for car travel, start by selecting key points and decide on the main transport. It is convenient to travel by private car along the edges relatively close to home, and otherwise, it would be wiser to rent a car on the spot so as not to waste time on the way to the starting point of the route.


If you get to your destination by train or plane, then the circular route often allows you to save on renting a car, which will not have to be returned to a rental point in another city. Choose a vehicle for hire wisely, the decision to rent 4X4 SUV for a long trip probably will be the best.


When the main points of the route are planned, it is worth studying the surroundings of each of them more closely in search of interesting places along the way between the main points of the route. For instance, while traveling to Dubai, define the most-wanted sightseeing so as not to miss one. Do not forget to include Dubai desert and https://renty.ae/tour/buggy in your list.


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Study of roads and rules


When the rental car is chosen and the route is ready in draft form, study the roads on which you have to go, paying attention to the speed limit and their condition. If ferries are waiting for you along the way, do not be lazy to save your schedule so as not to get stuck on the ferry for several hours. If the route includes toll roads, find out about possible ways to pay for travel on them.


Do not include impassable roads in the plan if you do not have off-road driving experience and a suitable car. Also, keep in mind that in winter some secondary roads along the way may be blocked due to snowfall or icing.

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Rest, not a race


A good road trip is primarily a way to relax, and not a race against time in an attempt to drive as many kilometers as possible. When you have only a few days to travel, you should not overload it to visit all the exciting places. If you regularly have to drive 250-300 kilometers a day or spend more than 5-6 hours of pure time behind the wheel, then it is better to reconsider the travel plan. Luckily, the trip on a rental car provides you with an excellent opportunity to do it.


A close-to-ideal version of the day route provides for several small crossings between the sights and enough time to get acquainted with them. Don't forget to also set aside time for meals along the way. You should not drive a lot in the dark — remember that in auto travel, the road should mainly please, not exhaust.

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Planning expenses is an integral part of preparing for any trip. When preparing a trip by car, you need to take into account not only spending on overnight accommodation, food, and sightseeing but also the costs of renting a car, toll roads, and gasoline. It is better to inquire about the cost of fuel and its availability in another country in advance so that high prices or rare refueling do not become an unpleasant surprise.


If you are going to a country where gasoline is expensive and plan to rent a car, explore the possibility of renting a car with a hybrid engine – an additional electric motor significantly reduces fuel consumption. If there is a developed network of charging stations, you can think about renting an electric car.

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Unforeseen circumstances


No matter how thorough the road trip plan is, it is almost impossible to foresee all the nuances, and minor troubles should be treated philosophically. A punctured wheel, of course, will disrupt your schedule, but it will not be too difficult to solve this problem in most cases. Incidents of this kind are best perceived as inevitable road adventures, and the route of each day should initially include some time for unforeseen stops.


There are no ideal plans, but self-preparation of a road trip based on someone else's and your own experience gives you a very good opportunity to create a plan as close to the ideal as possible. It will take time and effort, but it is worth it.


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