An Unforgettable Experience in Lisbon
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An Unforgettable Experience in Lisbon

Hilltop Views and Tram Rides: Lisbon's Panoramic Vistas and Iconic Charm


Unforgettable Experience in Lisbon


Beyond the Tourist Trail : An Unforgettable Experience in Lisbon


Life is about making the most of the time we have left and too often we become consumed and monopolized by the everyday schedule and routine and forget to take the time to unwind and relax. When you have a country and a landscape as beautiful as Lisbon you need to make the time to explore its picturesque landscapes and intricate architecture, and what better way to see the city in all its glory than from the water’s edge?


Lisbon is full of hidden gems, home to a warm and welcoming charm that is an experience not to be missed. Taking a sunset cruise trip with a loved one or as a treat for a girl’s night out is truly a magical adventure that will help you to de-stress and release the things you cannot change. And Lisbon is the perfect setting to rejuvenate your mood, cocktail in hand there is nothing that brings greater pleasure.


The love of Lisbon Lively Bars, Traditional Taverns, and Fado Houses

If you have always wanted to visit the idyllic holiday destination that is Lisbon then you were not wrong to add it to your vacation list, the city is vibrant with a vast cultural history that tells tales of decades past. Stretching across seven hills the beautifully preserved architecture of the buildings and baroque churches make Lisbon a truly majestic sight during the day or evening, and even more so as the sun sets behind the horizon casting a golden glow over the neighborhood cities.


Located conveniently in the European hub for tourists it is home to some of the best local cuisines in the Mediterranean, menus filled with authentic dishes passed down for generations, to outside-influenced meals that take a page from their neighboring countries and come together in a delicious harmony of flavors and aromas. There is something for everyone’s taste and you can find everything from spicy to fresh seafood, or homemade stews made with vegetables and spiced sausage.


Seeing the city from a different perspective


You may have always considered touring a new city on foot or using the traditional local tour buses, but making a change and opting for a sunset cruise will give you that unforgettable moment not many people experience. To see the city as the sun goes down is a magazine-worthy photo opportunity you don’t want to miss, and Lisbon welcomes you with open arms. The best part of a cruise is you have everything you need all in one place, from snacks and treats to onboard service offering a wide selection of local and international beverages, what more could you want?


The Tagus River sunset cruise has everything you need onboard to make the evening magical. Lasting a comfortable hour and a half you will only wish you could stay longer as you relax on the rooftop terrace taking in the views of the city landscape, and as you breathe in the crisp river air you begin to drift off in thought as the calming sounds of the water lap past the side of the boat without a care in the world. Unforgettable Experience in Lisbon.


A River Cruise versus a City Walk

Sometimes when visiting a new destination you may have had a long day of sightseeing, or hopping on and off a tour bus and while you may have the willingness to carry on you physically can’t, until now. Taking a sunset cruise at the end of the day is a perfect way to round up the evening. The whole family can enjoy it together, there is seating for everyone to relax and unwind, and you have that special experience of seeing the city in a new light.


As you float along the water you see the hustle of the city inhabitants going about their evening activities, some clinking wine glasses, and others hurrying home from work after a long commute, there is always an energetic atmosphere to enjoy. And when you go for a cruise you know you are getting good value for your money where often the sites or destinations on the tour may not always be what you thought they would be, but from the water looking in everything seems more magical.


Make a Tagus river Cruise your next adventure

At the end of the day, you should be embracing life for all its fun and fabulous moments, and if sunset cruising on the Tagus River is the way to do it then you are in for a real treat. Life is short and before you know it you have missed the opportunity, take this time to float along the city edge for an unforgettable experience in Lisbon. This sunset route epitomizes everything the city has to offer from impressive views of the Sao Jorge to the Discoveries, all while cruising along the emblematic river that i

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