Things to Know Before Buying an ATV

Things to Know Before Buying an ATV

Things to Know Before Buying an ATV


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Now more than ever, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) have served as indispensable workhorses in fields as diverse as farming, construction, and more. It’s why the demand for these vehicles have increased out of necessity rather than the growing fad.

Today’s fondness for monster trucks and off-roaders gave farmers and farmhands an excuse to flaunt their ATVs into more exciting usage. As more enthusiasts go into ATV racing and exhibitions, the more people become at risk of injuries during extraordinary competitions.

The ever increasing demand for ATVs in the market may entice you to buy an ATV. It may work for some but might not be convenient to those who want to maximize ATV utility.

Some Things You Should Know Before Buying Your ATV

Know How To Use An ATV

An all-terrain vehicle is designed for off road performance to be driven on dirt roads, whether for work or entertainment purposes. You may get excited at ATV performances on films and other entertainment channels. But your decision to buy this kind of vehicle should be backed up by firm knowledge of its functions before you start using it.

ATVs are usually for tasks like herding livestock, supervising field crews, marking timbers, fertilizing and applying chemicals, inspecting and repairing irrigation systems, and laying fence lines. It’s why driving an ATV is pretty different from driving a car.

Since they’re designed for dirt tracks, they have balloon-like tires that are too wide and bumpy on concrete highways. These characteristics often cause ATV rollover accidents when they’re used on freeways. Some ATV drivers and owners travel through highways to get to their destination. Most of the time, it’s a fatal mistake.

When using your ATV, it's important to be aware that collisions can occur. This could lead to serious injury or damage and, if this happens while you are driving the ATV responsibly, you should receive maximum compensation from the party responsible for causing the accident.

For example, make sure you learn how to drive an ATV correctly and abide by all road rules when operating it. Violations of traffic regulations will not help in a situation where someone else is at fault for any eventual damages or injuries suffered.

To stay safe on roads with other vehicles, take extra precautions such as reducing speed around curves and in congested areas. Be aware of obstacles like potholes or sharp turns which may cause your ATV to swerve unexpectedly and lose balance; this increases chances of an accident greatly. If something does happen under these conditions, determining who bears responsibility may determine if you'll receive maximum compensation.

Know Your ATV Specifications

Today’s ATVs have particular specifications. You need to know the specifications that will be most convenient and comfortable for you.

The driving place and space are considerations as you maneuver the vehicle. You also need to consider the tracks or the terrain where you intend to travel or where you may want to use your ATV.

Knowing the specifics of your needs will also determine the vehicle specifications that fit your lifestyle and comfort. They might be similar to famous off-road cars, but your ATVs specifications are unique.

Traveling across unfamiliar terrains, accommodating more passengers, or doing unsafe stunts are also causes of ATV accidents. Ensure that you keep in mind the uniqueness of the specifications and capacity of your all-terrain vehicle.

When your ATV is overloaded and over-used, its components and parts may give way causing it to swerve or overturn and crash or collide with other vehicles on your track. So, before buying your ATV, ensure that you have checked the specifics of its capacity and capabilities.

●      Your ATV’s Engine

It’s best to know whether the activities you want to engage with your unit will need a 50cc or 1000cc engine or just a size somewhere in between.

Your engine will determine how fast you can go over long distances or on high terrains.

●      Your ATV’s Suspension

The ATV's suspension will allow its wheels to move independently. It'll make rough terrains smoother. The suspension's shock absorbers and springs will absorb the bumps and other obstacles.  It makes the wheels move up and down while keeping the frame stable for a smooth ride.

●      Your ATV’s Transmission

You can choose to have a manual or automatic transmission for your ATV. Some say that manual transmission has more driving power, while others find the convenience and agility of automatic transmission more comfortable. Basically, the choice is yours.

●      Your ATV’s Ground Clearance

The distance of your ATV’s flooring to the ground will determine whether your vehicle can navigate rough terrains and other road obstacles. Ensure that the ATV you get can hurdle past the places you plan to explore.

●      Your ATV’s Fuel Capacity

Fuel use and capacity are considered the most important specifications for your ATV. You must ensure that your ATVs fuel can last until the next fuel station if you intend to have long travels.

Compare ATV Prices

You don’t need your vehicle to be at the cheapest side, but it must be reasonably appropriate for the ATV you have in mind. Compare the prices presented by the suppliers and match it to the units they are offering. The more offers you get, the better for your choice.

Ensure After Sales Services And Maintenance

Manufacturers have service warranties that you can avail of to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Some dealers offer extensive maintenance services at discounted prices for loyal patrons.

They are also more familiar with the units they sell. It means they can provide for its parts and services timely.

Decide After The Test Drive

You can never be sure of your use and comfort unless you take a test ride before you decide. During your test drive, you can hear how the engine sounds and whether or not the gears shift smoothly. More ATV functionalities can be tested and checked only during your test run.

So, make the time to test-ride, and ensure that you will be comfortable driving your ATV at work or play.

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