Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy
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Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po’Boy

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

This Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy post is sponsored by Eckrich. All words and opinions are my own.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

In a house with three teens, food is always on someone's mind. My kids can eat….and then eat some more. It seems like we are always whipping up some concoction in the kitchen, which is why I am so excited to take part in the Eckrich Rebel Without a Cookbook challenge. Cooking without a recipe? That is a daily occurrence in our home, and today we decided to make a Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy for lunch using Eckrich Polska Kielbasa Smoked Sausage Rope. Made with pork, turkey, and beef, this naturally hardwood smoked sausage has tons of flavor. It is perfect for our Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy recipe.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy Recipe


Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

First let's make our super easy sauce. Just mix the mayonnaise, mustard, and hot sauce together. Set aside.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

Here is how our sauce looked. Feel free to add more hot sauce or mustard to taste. You might also try using a whole grain mustard as well. Use what you have, it will be good.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

Next I added a little olive oil to a preheated cast iron skillet (grilling the sausage and onion would be good too). Then in went the sweet onions and the Eckrich sausage. Let it cook for a few minutes without touching anything in the pan.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

After a few minutes, flip the sausage and mix up the onions.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

While the sausage and onions cook, go ahead and get your French bread ready. Slice it open and slather on some of that sauce we made earlier.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

Next add the tomatoes and lettuce.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

Top that off with some of that gorgeous sausage and onion.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

Boom! You just made a Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy! Now be sure to eat it before it gets cold.

Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy 12

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To learn more, be sure to check out the Eckrich site. It is chock-full of fantastic recipe ideas. Additionally, you can find Eckrich on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We hope you enjoyed our Eckrich Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy recipe. Now go get cooking, and let us know in the comments about your creations.

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage and Sweet Onion Po'Boy

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  1. This looks delicious! We eat this sausage all the time, but I never thought of making a poboy with it! Looks also yummy!

  2. LOVE fun sausage recipes! Looks like the perfect summer dish; I will definitely try! By the way you take amazing food photographs!

  3. omg you’re killing me!!! I will definitely try this recipe next week, it looks delicious and i love anything smoked.

  4. yumm this looks so good! I remember my teenage years and how much my sisters and I could eat so coming up with food on the fly was definitely in occurence in our household lol I’ll have to try this one and report back

  5. Romy Schorr

    This is an ideal meal idea for the summer months! The sweet onion really adds another dimension to the po-boy!

  6. Oh wow! I love polish sausages and this is a sue way to zest up dinner. It looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  7. This looks so good and easy enough to make that I may actually try to make it instead of just looking in longing lol

  8. This looks like such a delicious option for lunch! This sounds so full of flavour!

  9. Eryka

    Oh boy! adding this to my list for next weeks dinner!

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  11. This look really delicious! I haven’t had a po boy in soooo long!!

  12. This looks so good!! Feels like the quintessential ‘summer’ food–we’re so close!

  13. Oh yeah! I want some…I want this for supper.

  14. I like the sauce recipe for these po bys. We’ll have to grill up some this weekend, provided the weather will cooperate!

  15. this is so much like my husband’s made-up recipe. even down to the same brand of sausage, which is really good!

  16. What a delicious sandwich idea! I bet that smoked sausage really adds some amazing flavor. Yum!

  17. KeshiaRichmond

    The char on that kielbasa makes my mouth water.  Yummy!  Would love a bite!

  18. These smoked sausage dish looks so delicious. It makes for a fabulous to-go lunch as well. Thanks for sharing your the process of how to make it.

  19. Sam

    What a great, easy recipe! We eat smoked sausage/kielbasa pretty regularly, but usually with potatoes or egg noodles. I might have to try something like this next time.

  20. Hoolie

    Thanks for your tips!

  21. Mmm this sausage looks delicious! Will like to check out more fun recipes on eckrich. I like cooking something different. 😀

  22. christine

    this looks sooooo good!!!! keep up the good work and being inspiring even if it means making others hungry whilst reading lol xx

  23. I love keilbasa. This is going on my menu for next week. Yummy. I love all the peppers.

  24. oh my! This po’boy looks so delicious, I want to give it a tried, because everyone loves smoked sausages here.

  25. Annemarie LeBlanc

    In a male dominant household, you can just imagine how big we are on food. These po’boys would keep my sons’ tummies full for a while before they ask for more food. I am lucky they are active in sports. If not, they might weigh more than 300 pounds with the appetite they have.

  26. Amy

    I love this recipe so much! Every single ingredient sounds amazing, I’ll definitely be adding this to my list of things to try!

  27. Robin Rue

    Oh yum, that sounds so good. I am totally making these over the weekend.

  28. Thank you for the SMOKED SAUSAGE AND SWEET ONION PO’BOY RECIPE! It looks so
    good! Can’t wait to try it while I’m in the US!

  29. Amy Desrosiers

    We love this brand too! It is perfect for this time of year with grilling and all!

  30. I bet my husband would really enjoy this! It’s been a long time since he had a good smoked sausage!

  31. Mmmmm this looks so delicious & savory! Been looking for new dinner recipes!

  32. I love making meals with smoke sausage. This looks good and something my hubby would like too!

  33. My husband would enjoy this sandwich. He loves sausage and also onions

  34. Sherry

    This is something I am sure my husband would love to try. It looks so good. I just want to reach in and take a bite.

  35. How delicious. This recipe is so perfect for a summer party!

  36. This looks amazing! My son and my husband love grilled sausages when we have hot dogs. I know they would absolutely devour this.

  37. That po boy sandwich looks delicious! I can’t wait to make this and feed it to my family

  38. Heather

    Wow. Just Wow. This looks so good. I’ve only eaten something like this once so I think it’s time that I try it again!

  39. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thank you for the meal suggestion. I will have to make this soon. My family has a big appetite and this would definitely fill them up!

  40. This looks amazing and surely going to try this one for our meals. A perfect meal suggestion to enjoy together.

  41. Irina

    Yum that looks so good. I love that you added so many vegetables. I want some.

  42. Kiwi

    Po Boys always remind me of NOLA! This recipe with the sweet onions sounds delish!

  43. Catalina

    This sandwich looks like the perfect lunch for me! I love smoked sausage and onion!

  44. krystal

    Looks like an easy to make a meal on a busy weeknight! YUM!

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