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Plans are Moving Forward with the Scout Service Day Project

You may have seen my previous posts about the $1000 grant for Earth from Kalso shoes (the makers of Earth Footwear). I am the lucky recipient of one of the grants and we are conducting an Earth Day Scout Service Project designed to improve the local elementary school that my children attend. Click below to check out the posts:

Preparations for the Kalso Earth Day $1000 Community Grant #KALSOPROJECTEARTH

Project Earth Day from @kalsoearthshoes #KALSOPROJECTEARTH

Kalso Earth Day $1000 Community Grant #KALSOPROJECTEARTH

One of the parts of this project is that I am to write weekly updates letting you all know about our progress.

If you read the post last week, then you know that we sent out the Evite. This week there is not much to report. We are anxiously awaiting on RSVP's from many of the Scouts and their leaders. Right now we have about 25 people who are definitely attending our Scout Service Day.

We have ordered a few things that we need to order and are still working on plans for what we need to buy from Lowe's and/ or Home Depot.

We are kind of in a holding pattern.

I am sure that next week will be much longer as we finalize plans and put the finishing touches on this really exciting Earth Day project.

Stay tuned.

A special thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes for making this project possible with a $1000 grant. Please follow them on Twitter and check them out on Facebook

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