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Project Earth Day from Kalso Earth Shoes

Being kind to the Earth. That is something my two children are very concerned about. In fact, at the ages of 8 and 7, they know all about recycling. They know about the importance of planting plants and nurturing the Earth.

Both of these kids know and understand the importance of taking care of the Earth. They want to make the world we live in a better place. And these kids genuinely believe that they can do it.

There is this amazing opportunity from  the Kalso Earth Shoe company, makers of the original wellness shoe and the Earth Footwear that I wear and love. They are awarding three $1000 scholarships to people in deserving communities.

One of the things that I truly love about Scouting is the emphasis on trying to live a greener life. The emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint. This is my first year as a Scout leader and I have to say that I have learned a lot.

We made natural air fresheners at one meeting. We learned about recycling and reusing. We even talked about re-purposing. One child shared how her family puts a bucket under the faucet in their bathtub so they don't waste a drop of water when they turn it on. I am amazed at some of the great ideas these kids came  up with and practice in their everyday lives.


I want to make the school look better and become more environmentally friendly with more plants/flowers.

The Scouts at the school my children attend (Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) will perform an Earth Day service project. The Scouts are in grades 1-5 and are ready to make their school a better place.

We will beautify our school by planting trees and flowers. We will start by cleaning up the grounds and getting rid of debris/dead plants or vegetation. A few splashes of color with plants and flowers would make the school look amazing! We will add mulch all over the grounds (many places really need it) and even add some rain barrels to collect water to hydrate all of the beautiful plants we will be adding.

We would also love to add some live plants on the inside of the school lobby as well to brighten it up and with any leftover money, possibly get a live plant into every classroom.

I will take pictures and video the Scouts as they complete the School Beautification Project. I will take lots of before and after pictures.  All scouts will also earn a badge for their Earth Day work.


Want to enter your own project?

Check out the Kalsø Earth Shoe application page

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  1. Eileen

    What an inspiration to others! So cool that Kalso is reaching out to help make a difference in some community. After seeing your proposal, it reminds me of what could be done at our schools too. Our middle school is pathetic. thanks for sharing!

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