Great Cars for Grads from Autotrader

Great Cars for Grads from Autotrader

Great Cars for Grads from AutotraderAs a mother, I feel that one of my major jobs is to prepare my kids to live out in the world without me (sniff, sniff). I want them to be responsible, confident adults with the knowledge to make great and well-informed decisions. My husband feels the same way.

We began talking about finances with our children at a very early age. We wanted them to understand that value of a dollar and the importance of both saving money plus spending it wisely.

I want my kids to be independent and as we get closer to graduation, it becomes harder and harder to let them go. Buying a car for graduation seems to be a rite of passage for many families. My parents gave me a car for graduation and I plan to do the same for my kids. However, they will need to do a little research and Autotrader is the perfect place to start. Car shopping is never easy but Autotrader makes it so much better and to learn about what you must test drive before buying.

I used to purchase the car I drive now and I had the best experience ever when making my final buying decision then finally buying the car. I could do everything that I need on the Autotrader website. It truly is the perfect place for anyone to start when it comes times to buy your first or fifth care. I want my child to be in good hands and with Autotrader, I have confidence that they will make a great buying decision.

How to best utilize Autotrader

Not sure where to start your search?

Autotrader is an excellent resource for great tips and expert advice that makes car shopping easier.

Trying to decide between all of the car choices?

Autotrader has developed a list of Great Cars for Grads that will open up a whole new world of options to get your grad super excited!

Need more info on the cars that interest you?

If you've narrowed down your car options, but need a bit more information, Autotrader allows you to compare cars and features that will provide you with valuable information to make a final, smart choice.

Time to do your research or stuck on a certain car?

Don’t get stuck on a vehicle’s “reputation,” or what you think your grad may need. Both style and function are important. Autotrader can help your grad do their due diligence to research specific models, and may even surprise them with a perfect match they’d never considered.

Autotrader is a one-stop resource for absolutely everything that you need related to car buying. Check them out today!

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy

    My stepson used Autotrader when he bought his car last year. He ended up with a great deal.

  2. AutoTrader is a great resource for finding a car. I’ve used it several times.

  3. Catherine Sargent

    This sounds like a great way to buy a car. We will need to get my son a vehicle before long. He wants to get a truck.

  4. The car buying process can be so stressful. I appreciate that Autotrader works to simplify things.

  5. Helping the kids pick out their first car is such a big moment. You definitely want to do plenty of research!

  6. I here you can get some really great deals on Autotrader. When it comes time for me to trade my car in and get a new one I will have to try it out.

  7. My daughter will be graduating next year and that should be about the time she finally gets her license. We will definitely utilize AutoTrader when it’s time to purchase her a car.

  8. Thanks for the help using Autotrader.
    This could prove to be another useful vehicle reference.
    I use at times to analyze our vehicles.

  9. I’ve read about the benefits of using Autotrader from a different post and I like what I’m hearing. Not just for grads, but for anyone who wants to have a fair deal with getting a car.

  10. Yes, I have a recent graduate so I’ll be checking to see what Auto Trader has. Thanks for the tips

  11. Ann Bacciaglia

    Autotrader is a great place to look for a new car. My niece is graduating next month from college and is looking for a car.

  12. AutoTrader sounds like an awesome place to get a car. I’ve been seeing a lot of great reviews about them.

  13. mary

    Great information.I dont have a grad, but will have a new driver in about 8 months – yikes. Time to start looking

  14. I’m not ready! I’m not ready! Unfortunately, my desire for them to stay little won’t make time slow down. Autotrader sounds like a great resource for getting the young drivers some wheels!

  15. Ryan Sales Escat

    Gotta check this bad boy adviser and look for my cars kickin’ dream. I’ll be recommending this to my buddies.

  16. Tracey

    Autotrader is fantastic. We have used them for cars in the past. Their prices are great!

  17. I have often wondered when we are at this stage with our kids, where we’d even start considering car options. This post is very timely. I did not know much about Autotraders (had heard of them) and appreciate the scoop!

  18. I talked about something similar on my blog this week! I agree Autotrader is a great start for any grad looking for a car!

  19. I love autotrader and have used them in the past when purchasing a car. It has all the info you need to make a great car buying decision.

  20. ellen beck

    I have to admit. I have never used AutoTrader. It would be a good place though to do research when buying a new car or a used one, if you werent sure maybe what you wanted. My husband luckily is very good with cars and trucks and we have always bought from auctions or from private sellers. It sounds like a great service though.

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