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The Invisalign Impact – Passing the Halfway Mark

InvisalignTraysThis is post is long overdue. In fact, I started writing it over one month ago when I was at exactly the halfway point. This is also the halfway point to this ambassadorship with Invisalign. I have been provided with Insvisalign treatment in exchange for me sharing my experience with you.

I am not sure that I shared that before that I pretty close to not getting Invisalign because I thought that maybe I was too old for braces. (I am…ahem…39). “Why would I get braces?” is what I asked myself a couple of times. Then I decided that my teeth bother me enough that I should do something about it.

The Invisalign Impact (my term for it) has been good for me. By doing something like that for myself it opened the door for me to do more positive things for myself and my family.

My husband and I did a month of the #Whole30 program. We both lost over 20 pounds during that month and we are about to start another Whole 30 month. We have really changed our eating habits for the better and our kids are slowly joining. Even when we are not on Whole 30, we are making good choices 95% of the time.

I feel great in general. I have more energy and I am working on some hobbies which is something that I haven't given time for in a long time.

I brush AND floss twice daily. It's so clean in my mouth even my dentist gave me a compliment on my oral hygiene at my last checkup. Take that!

Invisalign did NOT make me lose weight but it did give me a little more confidence. My teeth look really good and I like that a lot. I still have a ways to go but I can tell that I will be even happier when I complete treatment.

Getting my Invisalign treatment happened at the perfect point in my life.

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Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. I am receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment as part of this program. All opinions are my own. Invisalign Mom Advisory Board Disclosure Statement.

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