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Outback Steakhouse Introduces Click Thru Seating

Outback Steakhouse CTS_PR_Screens_All_Phones-IconsIn this digital world that we live in, I really prefer to do as much as I can on my phone or computer. Why make a phone call when you don't have to? I mean cellphones really aren't for calling anymore are they?

Outback recently did a survey asking consumers about their typical wait time at restaurants across the country and found that, on average, Americans have waited nearly 40 minutes to be seated at a restaurant — which is more time than it takes to cook and eat an entire meal. I have spent hours (or maybe days) of my life waiting for a table in a restaurant.

Now Outback Steakhouse® is empowering guests to take control of their restaurant experience through the introduction of Click Thru Seating on Outback.com – giving anyone, anywhere access to wait time information and the ability add their name to the wait list before they arrive – helping hungry guests get seated faster. How cool is that? We have been fans of Call Ahead Seating at Outback for years but this just got so much easier!

Guests can now visit Outback to view the current wait time at their local Outback, and put their name on the wait list to be seated now or later. With the busy holiday season just around the corner, Click Thru Seating will help you manage your valuable time and spend less time waiting.

That survey also unveiled that on average, Americans wish there were 4 additional hours per day during the holiday season– so by using Click Thru Seating, Outback guests can now spend less time waiting and more time checking off those to-do's.


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Outback Best Mates

I am thrilled to be an Outback Best Mates ambassador. I have worked for and loved Outback since 1996. While I no longer work for the company, I still enjoy the steak and the cheese fries. And the mini chocolate shakes. Plus the Thunder from Down Under. A lot.

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