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Kellogg’s Share Your Breakfast

Nearly one in four kids in America struggle with hunger. My kids are lucky enough to attend a school where they have free breakfast. They look forward to it every single day. I cannot get them to eat anything at home because they love eating at school so much with the other kids.

Fortunately they are in Elementary school and there really is no stigma associated with the free breakfast. Yet. When kids get older, some of them will skip eating rather than have to take a free meal somewhere.

It is sad but true.

In partnership with Action for Healthy Kids, Kellogg  is fighting childhood hunger. And they need your help!

This Tuesday, Kellogg is asking people to take a picture of their breakfast and share it at or text a photo of your breakfast (or a description!) using the word “Share” to 21534.

When you share your breakfast, Kellogg, through its partnership with Action For Healthy Kids, will share a breakfast with a child who needs it.

It is easy and quick to help out. You can even share a picture of last night's pizza if that is what you are having for breakfast!

Need a coupon for Kellogg? Get $5 in coupons here:

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  1. Eileen

    Guess I missed this one but thanks for the coupons. We eat TONS of cereal in our house. It is very pathetic that we have hungry children in our country when for the most part we take food, clean water, and a ware place to live for granted.

  2. Elizabeth I

    I missed this one too. At the school my son will be attending in the fall, the parents pay the hot meal bill each month, so if a child is on a reduced or free lunch, it will not be obvious. I really like that.

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