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Our Homemade Traditions

Our Homemade TraditionsThis Our Homemade Traditions #SisterSchuberts post is sponsored.

Our Homemade Traditions #SisterSchuberts

As a southern woman raising good southern children, I can truthfully say that so much of what we do as a family is steeped in tradition. There are so many things that we do now as a family that were part of my childhood or my husband's childhood. These are things that we do because we've done them that way for so long. For instance, we always wear matching pajamas each Christmas and we each open a gift on Christmas Eve. We did this in my house growing up and these were really fun traditions to carry on when I had my own children. I mean who doesn't want to get a gift early? We hope that you love our our homemade Traditions with #SisterSchuberts post.

Road trips are also part of our family tradition as is renting a cabin with family every year to celebrate the holidays. I am big believer in surrounding myself with family to celebrate the holidays. Being with the people you love really makes everything much more special and creates even better memories. We rent this cabin to spend time as a family where we can play cards, play board games, swim together, play pool and so much more.

It is ingrained in me to take care of my family and as the chief memory keeper, I love creating special moments and memories for my family. This is my job and I take it seriously. I want to make all family time special and even more so around the holidays when we can all get together.

A large part of our family tradition is gathering around the table for a holiday meal and Sister Schubert's Dinner Yeast Rolls ALWAYS have a prominent place at our table when the basket is not getting swiped by the kids. You see our middle child loves Sister Schubert's so much that she tries to take the entire basket as soon as it gets set on the table. If it's not her, someone in the family is always stealing the rolls…all in good fun, of course!

Our Homemade TraditionsOur Homemade TraditionsOur Homemade TraditionsOur Homemade Traditions Our Homemade Traditions Our Homemade TraditionsAbout Sister Schubert's

Sister Schubert's is built around delicious dinner rolls, proudly made like homemade, from simple ingredients in a recipe passed down 5 generations. Frozen, to naturally preserve the homemade taste of real ingredients, and finished off at home for that home baked experience, means anyone can have real, home-made tasting rolls.

PRO TIP: Sister Schubert's Dinner Rolls make excellent bread for mini sandwiches with leftovers. On the off chance that you actually have leftover rolls, add your leftover turkey (sliced), a schmear of cranberry sauce and a little stuffing for the perfect sandwich or go with baked ham and cranberry. YUM!

Our Homemade Traditions

Our friends and family enjoyed freshly baked Sister Schubert's rolls, made from the same family recipe that goes back five generations. Because our Traditions are Homemade, Sister Schubert's is the perfect addition to our holiday table. Make certain that you serve them at your holiday meal. Happy holidays!

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