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Modern Manners Monday – Thank You – Notes Yes or No?

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Dear DMM: The birthday party season is upon us. We have a birthday party almost every weekend for the next two months.

I guess that I am considered old school because I still write thank you notes. I have my children do the exact same thing. This is how I was raised and this is how I am raising my children.

At my son's birthday party a few weeks ago, I was actually told, “Please don't worry about a thank you note. We never send them and it is completely fine. We know that he appreciates the gift. You make us all feel bad anyway.”

I was a little surprised. Stunned actually. I like sending thank you notes. I think that it is polite and the right thing to do. I really did not know how to respond or what to do.


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  1. ellen

    A thank you note is a good thing- it teaches your child to thank those who attended, who might have given gifts and it makes the recipient feel appreciated. I say keep it up- it might be old fashioned in some folks eyes, but being polite never goes out of style!

  2. Brittany

    Thank you notes are a must. A little effort goes a long way. Gratitude along with manners are never out of style.

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