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Modern Manners Monday – Table Manners & Restaurant Etiquette

Let's face it, good manners are at the top of the list for many mothers when it comes to our kids. Manners are one of my biggest issues with my three children (ages 7, 6 and 3)

Welcome to my new blog series, Modern Manners Monday. I get a lot of reader questions about manners for kids plus I see a lot of posts out there in the blogosphere about the same thing. Short of asking Ms. Manners ourselves, I thought that we could pose our most pressing etiquette and manners questions here.

Feel free to share your thoughts and give advice. I am by no means the etiquette expert but I figure if we put our collective heads together, then the result will most definitely be something of value.


Dear DMM: We eat out a lot with our four children. Lately we have noticed a serious decline in table manners and just in general how they are acting in the restaurant.

For the past several weeks, we are struggling with even getting them to put napkins on their laps but the biggest issue is crawling all over the booth. The kids range in ages from two to 10. I am constantly having to tell them to “get out from under the table.” “Stop crawling under the booth.” “Sit in your seat.” “Act like a lady.” “Act like a gentleman.”

It is embarrassing and ruining our dinner. You would think these kids act like this all of the time but it is pretty much reserved for restaurants. What do you suggest?

WHAT SAY YOU? Help a mama out!

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Email your questions to stacieconnerty (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get them posted as space becomes available. Please put “Modern Manners Monday” in the Subject line.

Totally inspired by the fabulous woman who is The Broke Socialite.

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