Digital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs from Google

Digital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs

Digital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs #SaferInternetDay #BeInternetAwesomeDigital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs #SaferInternetDay #BeInternetAwesome

We have been working with Google a lot lately. This is a great partnership because besides being on Google Classroom every day, they do a lot of work to help keep family's safer on the internet. You may have read our previous posts, Teaching Children the Responsible Way to Use Technology or Teaching Children the Responsible Way to Use Technology. If so, then you know that Internet safety is something we talk a lot about in our house. We hope that you enjoy this Digital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs #SaferInternetDay #BeInternetAwesome post.

Digital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs #SaferInternetDay #BeInternetAwesome

To me, this conversation about what is acceptable and unacceptable on the Internet should be ongoing. Social media and indeed is changing daily so as parents, we have to also adjust our strategy. We need to know what's out there and discuss what can happen. This is something we do at dinner or while making dinner at least once a week. We talk a lot about how we conduct ourselves AND about how others conduct themselves as well. We teach them right from wrong but even once a week is not enough as far as I am concerned.

Digital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs #SaferInternetDay #BeInternetAwesomeSafer Internet Day

I love that Google has several initiatives that they work on each year including Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day (SID) celebrations took place on Tuesday, 5 February 2019. The campaign's slogan, “Together for a better internet“, is a call to action. This is that takes a village thing where it truly does take a village to create a better internet for everyone including our families, especially those young ones who are new to the Internet.

Google's Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome is Google’s free multifaceted program designed to teach kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence. The program is available in English and Spanish and consists of an ISTE standards aligned curriculum, ready-made Pear Decks for each lesson, Interland – an adventure-packed online game about digital safety and citizenship – and plenty of resources for educators and parents.

How to get involved

This is a big day and a large part of an even greater movement. The movement is to create those good digital habits now. To learn what is safe and what isn't Thye have resources for kids and for parents via apps and programs. Your family can Be Internet Awesome! Simply start with the program’s NEW Family Guide. Finally, let your kids put their gaming skills to the test with Interland at

You can even share Be Internet Awesome with your child's teachers. Remember it is important to just start the conversation.  Google is helping families be safe online by providing Digital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs.

Families Be Internet Awesome & Join the Movement

Get the Digital Safety Resources Every Parent Needs right here!

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  1. This is really great, i had no idea such resources existed. These are a must for every parent. Thanks a lot for sharing.


  2. Elena Toma

    This is a must have for everyone with kids. I think is really useful and I will definitely join the program.

  3. Alexandra

    This is such an important post in this day and age – I will be sharing this post with some Mum friends of mine for sure!

  4. Livetheallieway

    The internet is a scary place and it’s totally important for kids to know their boundaries, and how dangerous certain sites and people behind them are! 

  5. I don’t have kids yet but I already start on thinking on how digital will work for my kids when they to world. It is such an important moment!

  6. This is a nice move from Google to make kids awesome. It’s hard for parents to strictly monitor kids, most times, they won’t get the reason but with a program like Be internet awesome, they get the internet and also have access to reforming programs. Nice one. There should be programs like this for adults 😜

  7. The Internet has brought both good and bad effects in lives, we need to guard the upcoming generation against the negative effects of Internet through some of the ways you’ve mentioned in this article.

  8. Thank goodness for important online measures in place to protect kids. I am so scared by so many things I see online and knowing kids are being protected is so imperative.

  9. While our kids may be too young to be online, we need to be aware of the potential dangers in cyber-space. It’s a great feeling to know there are resources out there to help parents and their kids.

  10. Some really helpful advice and tips here! I will share this with my friends who are parents 🙂 x

  11. The internet is definitely a great resource. Families can benefit a lot by teaching kids how to use it wisely. Thanks for these resources.

  12. I’m thankful that my kids are still too young for social media, but this is some great information to keep in mind. Social media can be a scary place!

  13. I am a big supporter of internet safety. My daughter attends an online school so she is on her computer a lot. I really believe parents need to talk to kids about how to be safe on the internet all the time. Especially when they are young.

  14. reesa

    It’s scary how the digital world is so open for our kids to be subjected to. Thank you for these resources!!!

  15. Sherry

    Be Internet Awesome is something I will check out with my son. Internet safety is so important.

  16. Preet

    Such a great topic that should be discussed to our children. Teaching our kids to use tecjnology in a safer way is really important nowadays.

  17. Catalina

    I love these Google’s programs about the Internet safety. It’s so important to prepare our children and to talk with them about it.

  18. Ruth I

    Glad to know that there is a movement like this. I will surely join and share this.

  19. Sakshi

    This is so soo helpful! I have a friend who has just become a mom and this can help her in the long run! 🙂

  20. I have some monitoring software installed for my kids. I also check their phones regularly.

  21. Monidipa Dutta

    What better way to start the year than with an amazing safe internet day. These r truly great.

  22. Gosh this is such an important subject, as my children get older the Internet worries me more and more.

  23. I love that they have a day promoting family safety on the internet. These are some great resources.

  24. Chelle Dizon

    I think that this is a great advocacy to promote a safe internet experience for our children.  As parents, this is our responsibility and goal. 

  25. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is a really important matter that parents and children must discuss thoroughly. There are hidden dangers in using the internet and we parents must be vigilant in keeping our family safe. My kids are all grown and they are very much aware of these dangers. I will share this post with my cousins who still have young kids.

  26. This is a great initiative from Google. Times are changing and the internet is so much different that what is used to be when we grew up. It’s so important to teach children about what is good and what is not online, and how to stay safe when they are surfing the web.

  27. Kudos to Google for taking the lead on trying to make the internet safer for everyone, especially kids. Will have to remember this for next year and share.

  28. I love that more and more awareness is being raised about internet safety. We need to protect our younger generations as technology advances; this is great news!

  29. i think we take for granted internet safety. a real must read for any parent, i’ll be sharing

  30. This is a great post to educate parents and also me. The safer internet day is a great campaign and great measure for the family with kids.

  31. Alexandra Cook

    Safer use of internet is really important especially to our kids. It was a great program from Google that their launch this.

  32. It’s nice to have tools to help make internet usage safer. It can be so hard as a parent to make sure my kids are safe when they are online. Thanks for sharing these tools.

  33. Cez dela cru

    I found this very interesting since I have a 4yr old sond and online world is really scary right now, this is a big help for me.

  34. Chastity

    I love the internet but it’s a true dangerous platform for kids. Any protection that can be used is ideal as well as promoting awareness for all parents.

  35. this is a great initiative. parents need to monitor their child’s internet activities and watch what they are doing and who they are talking to

  36. Indeed as we get more connected and share more information publicly we also need tot take care of our digital safety proactively before it is too late.

  37. This is really an informative post for all parents. I will be sharing with my wife.

  38. Becca Wilson

    Internet safety is so very important when it comes to kids. I know that I have started to pay more attention to what they are doing.

  39. This information is so important! I’ll be sure to share this with my friends that are parents. It’s invaluable!

  40. With five children of my own, I am always looking for ways to protect them from things that can harm them, and the internet is no different.  I love how you’ve gone into detail about how we as parents can make the internet safer for our children, which definitely gives us parents some peace of mind!

  41. Chelle Dizon

    As a parent, it is our responsibility as well to guide our kids to use the internet wisely and safely.  This is really informative. 

  42. this information is totally new to me! I didn’t know about these safety resources! I’m going to dig in a little more, this is such an important issue, thank you!

  43. What great tips. I am always so worried about my kiddos when they are online, we had a bad experience once. So I love these tips, so important. Thanks for sharing.

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