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Modern Manners Monday – Another Child is Asking for My Kid’s Stuff

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Dear DMM: We have several children that come over to our house on a regular basis at varying times. One little boy visits every couple of weeks or so. While the kids play, the mother and I chat. I like the mother and I like the child.Everyone gets along well.

My children have a lot of toys and we have a large playroom that everyone can play in. We are very fortunate that we have several indulgent grandparents so there are not many things in the toy department that my children want for. This makes my house a favorite for my kid's friends which is fine with us.

However lately, this child has been asking my children for their toys. To keep them. My children are really polite and so each time they are asked, they say “Ok.” They have never really been in this situation before.

This child continues to do it and often times, in front of his mother who does nothing. I know that this family does not have a lot of money but these toys belong to my children and if they are going to give something away, it really needs to go through me first.I am just at a loss about what to do.

A couple of days ago at the last playdate, this child actually took two toys that he asked my son for and started heading to the door with them as it was time to leave. I actually took the toys back and said, “Sorry he didn't ask his mom before giving the toys away.” The mother said nothing. AGAIN.

She has already emailed me for the next playdate. I think that both she and the child are being rude. What do I do?


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