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Let The Kids Game Parental Video Game Guide from Sony Online Entertainment



Studies Show that Child-Friendly Games Like Free Realms Help Kids Socialize, Improve Cognitive Abilities, Learn And Strengthen Family Ties While Having Fun


Sony Online Entertainment introduced the “Let the Kids Game” booklet, a parental guide that combines third party research, survey results and expert advice to share the benefits of video games and helpful tips for parents looking to buy or play games. Now available at and, the initiative reaches out to parents to help them understand the often-misunderstood benefits of playing video games like SOE's upcoming free family-friendly online game, Free Realms. With the help of top experts such as John Davison of the online parenting resource What They Like, Inc. and Christopher J. Ferguson, Ph.D., the “Let the Kids Game” brochure demonstrates that games are an unexpected way to not only bring families closer together, but also form future leaders.

Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that video games can be good for kids.  Key findings cited by the brochure include:

· Video games are related to improvements in vision, social interaction and visuospatial cognition (a skill associated with several careers including architecture, engineering and surgery)
· Playing games together can forge stronger family ties between parent and child, and between siblings
· People who play online games often emerge as leaders, since online games offer opportunities to operate in environments that are global, competitive and emphasize large-scale cooperation

“Let the Kids Game” is now available for free download at and  In addition, parents who visit What They Play can sign up to receive early access to Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming family-friendly video game, Free Realms.  Eye-popping visuals, unique and quirky quests and entertaining mini-games, customizable avatars and social networking are all part of the free-to-play experience. With a wide array of gameplay styles, players can choose from a number of activities. From exploring the magical world, to fighting monsters, to racing dragsters, to cooking and fishing and raising pets, Free Realms offers something for every gamer.


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