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Modern Manners Monday – My Child is Being Left Out


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Dear DMM: My son seems like a well liked kid. People are always saying hi to him and coming up to him when we attend school functions. He seems to know everyone. In general, he is a pretty happy kid.

Lately he has seemed a little down. When I pressed him for information, he confided that none of the kids in his class want to play with him on the playground at lunch. He said that it makes him sad and although he tries to play with the kids, he keeps getting told that there is no room for him to play and to go somewhere else.

This makes me sad because no one wants to have that kid that no one else wants to play with. My first instinct was to go to his teacher and tell her what was going on but my son begged me not to do that. What should I do? My heart is breaking for my son. I teach him to play with every child so that no one is left out. Don't other parents do the same?


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