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Sending Large Files with Adobe SendNow

Have you ever sent an email with a bunch of attachments that you know contain large files only to have it never reach its destination? Sometimes I get a message that the file was not sent but very often nothing ever happens. Well except that the person on the other end doesn't receive the file!


As a blogger and really even as a mother, I find myself frequently needing to send large files across the Internet. We all know that this rarely works when trying to attach them to an email.


Send Now is here for the rescue! Adobe SendNow lets you send large files, including audio and video to virtually anywhere. There is no overnight delivery. Your files are sent immediately and best of all, you can do it yourself.




Send small or large documents and multimedia files fast. Upload your file and we do the rest. We store it securely and notify your recipient that it's ready to download. It's that easy!
Know who got your file and when. Your file gets there every time and you have a record to prove it.
Get an email notification, click the link, and download.

You can even try Acrobat Send Now for free today!

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