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Maloof Chiropractic X-Ray and Consultation

I posted about Dr. Marion Maloof, the best chiropractor in Gwinnett, Georgia, and his charitable mission to feed the hungry during the holidays a few weeks ago, and now Maloof Family Chiropractic wants to take it one step further and help give the gift of a healthier body for the New Year with professional chiropractic care. People in Gwinnett, Dekalb, and surrounding areas are invited to enter this giveaway to get all initial x-rays and a free consultation (RV $350).

Dr. Marion Maloof is voted the best chiropractor in Gwinnett, GA.

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, chronic headaches, and other conditions, or just have concerns about your overall health and well being, this is the perfect opportunity to get in the door and get started with an excellent chiropractic care program. Dr. Maloof works on patients of almost any spinal condition across the spectrum from accident injuries to arthritis.  He plans the best chiropractic plan to get you back to feeling minimal to no pain as quickly as possible.

The most expensive part of any chiropractic treatment plan is the initial visit and diagnostic x-rays, and with this being offered for free, you can be on your way to better health in a more economical manner. Dr. Maloof accepts several different insurance plans and payment types, which he covers in the initial chiropractic consultation, and he always tailors each treatment plan to suit the needs of individual patients. Dr. Maloof recognizes each individual is unique and requires different levels of treatment, and I speak from experience when I say he's voted the best chiropractor in Gwinnett for good reason. Read about my experience heree for more details, and visit his website for more comprehensive information on his methods of chiropractic treatment.

You can enter this giveaway and use the prize for yourself, or give the gift of health and wellness to someone you know. Contest runs for two weeks, so enter now below!

Giveaway runs from December 15, 2013 to December 29, 2013.

Please share this giveaway with other Gwinnett, Dekalb, and Atlanta, GA residents who might want the gift of chiropractic care for the New Year. Thank you!

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