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5 ways to save on prescriptions

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5 ways to save on prescriptions

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ScriptSave® WellRx.

5 ways to save on prescriptions

Prescription costs seem to be getting higher and as our insurance costs go up significantly each year, I am always looking for ways that we can reduce costs so I started researching ways to save on prescriptions. Below are 5 ways to save on prescriptions.

Prescriptions have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I recall grandparents taking something from those brownish orange pill bottles. Then later my mother. Later I would require a few prescriptions each month along with husband and one child. I definitely have experience taking medicine and researching absolutely everything there is to know about a specific medicine. I live in Atlanta and as this city grows, health care costs do as well.

5 ways to save on prescriptions

1. Use preventative care to ensure your long term health.

There are several doctor's appointments that many of us should have each year as a part of general maintenance. I truly believe that these are the types of appointments that will help keep us well throughout the year. It is so important that I have set up as reminder in my calendar. Every year I get a reminder to make a doctor or other service provider appointment.

2. Work with your doctor. Ask for generic medicine.

I think it is important to remember that we are customers of our healthcare providers. I also feel as if my healthcare providers care if I am happy with them. I ask a lot of questions. I write them down and bring them with me. I keep great records for the medicine that I do take and because of this, I am stopping about 6 months before originally planned. I work with my doctors and they work with me.

A generic drug can cost 80% to 85% less on average according to the FDA. This is significant and definitely worth a conversation with your doctor. I ask for every prescription. Even refills.

3. Ask for samples.

I ask my doctor once a year or so for any samples available of the medicine that I take. She always comes up with a few which this really helps out with the cost. You can also look for coupons and manufacturers rebates both online and in magazines. They are probably coupons in the magazines in your doctor's waiting room.

4. Lose those 10 pounds.

I think that many of us say we would be so much happier with ourselves if we just lost those ___ pounds. I agree. So last year I did that. I lost a lot more than 10 pounds and get myself into a really health range for the first time in a while. I was able to stop two prescriptions which saved me a lot of money. Did you know that losing 5%-10% of your body weight could lower blood sugar, reduce your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and more? I immediately noticed results after losing the first 10 pounds and it motivated me enough to keep going. Lose those 10 pounds and you will definitely save.

5 Ways to save on prescriptions
5. Shop around with the ScriptSave WellRx Card & App.

It never occurred to me to research the prices of the medicine we are taking in my house but I know firsthand that just because we have insurance coverage it doesn't mean that our prescriptions are low-cost. Our prescription costs gets higher and higher each year as our overall coverage is reduced. In fact, our Rx costs doubled this past year. I needed to do a price check. Price shopping can be very time consuming and I really prefer everything in one place. I like to see what I need, where it's available and how much it costs. It's simple that way. ScriptSave makes is very easy to save on prescriptions.

5 Ways to Save on Prescriptions

The ScriptSave WellRx Card & App:

  • provides you with specific prices within a given zip code.
  • is free to download
  • doesn't require credit card details
  • has no membership fee
  • has an average savings rate of 44%
  • is easy to use by asking your pharmacist for a price comparison (only one discount)
  • educates new members to help you utilize ScriptSave to save the most


5 Ways to Save on Prescriptions

5 Ways to save on prescriptions

Last week I spent the night at my sister's house here in Atlanta and she asked me to fill a prescription for her son at the pharmacy right by their house. I dropped it off, waited for about 15 minutes and then the pharmacist asked to talk to me. She asked me if I knew that the medicine cost $398 per month. I was absolutely stunned. I had no idea that medicine cost that much. I do know that this is a hardship on her for a variety of reasons.

5 Ways to save on prescriptionsUsing the ScriptSave WellRx Card & App

I started to write this blog post the same day I learned about how much my sister pays each month for medicine. This was perfect because the first test of the app would really prove its worth to me and determine if it gets to take up space in my phone. I downloaded the ScriptSave WellRx app and within a few minutes, I located a place 5 miles from her home where the prescription is $100 cheaper. $100. I knew that this was something that could benefit people because I have used it daily to price check various medicines.

The easiest way to check your prescription pricing is to do it before every refill. I added this as a notice in my calendar so I can check the prices every month before getting our refills. Within a few days of using the app, I was able to lower the costs of several prescriptions in my family. While I didn't save on every prescription, I was glad to know that I was already paying the best price available. I plan to keep on using ScriptSave. You should check it out! We hope you found these 5 ways to save on prescriptions helpful.

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Use the convenient online features to manage and track family prescriptions.

Use invite code Divine when registering for a Card or installing our mobile app.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ScriptSave® WellRx.

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  1. These are all great tips! Prescriptions are incredibly expensive. I’ll be looking into this WellRx card and app.

    • If you have any questions about how the ScriptSave WellRx program works, we’re always just a tollfree call or click away, Bill.

      Thanks for taking a few moments to learn about our savings program … and don’t forget the Invite Code (divine) if your taking a free download of our savings card or mobile app 🙂

  2. Thanks a bunch for sharing this. With a family as large as ours, we need to save money wherever we can. Prescriptions are EXPENSIVE!

    • Finding the money to fill prescriptions can be such a daunting task for far too many families … and making the decision to ‘simply’ go without is not really an option when our loved ones are unwell!

      Thanks for taking a few moments to learn about our Rx savings program … and don’t forget the Invite Code (divine) if you’re taking a free download of our savings card or mobile app 🙂

  3. These are all great tips for saving on prescriptions. We always gave our indigent patients samples to help them out.

    • If we can help your indigent patients, Terri, they’re more than welcome to use the ScriptSave WellRx program. We’d be more than happy to send you physical savings cards in bulk, for you to hand out as needed.

  4. Love this app! Will download! We have a lot of scripts in our family so it will help. YES, asking for samples is something a lot of people do not realize they can do!

    • It still amazes us when our members tell us that it had never occurred to them to ask for samples! It’s a great way to save.

      Then, when the samples run out, if there are any questions about our ScriptSave WellRx saving program or our free mobile app, we’re in all the usual places (FB, Twitter, App Store, etc….as well as on the phone, of course) … and always happy to answer questions!

  5. Claudia Krusch

    Asking for samples is a great way to try a new medicine. Prescriptions are so expensive it can be hard to afford them.

    • If we can help, Claudia, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout … and don’t forget the Invite Code (divine) you decide to join our free savings program

      Thanks for taking the time to read a little about us!

  6. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are great ways to save on prescriptions. It is crazy how expensive some can be. I will have to ask for some samples next time.

  7. sara

    Wow! I just filled a prescription today that I have been filling for the past 5 years. It was always 3 months for $20. Today it was $99.99 for 3 months! I tried out this app and it says not available in my area. What a bummer! I need to save money on this script.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read about our ScriptSave WellRx savings program, Sara.

      It’s certainly possible that we don’t have a price for your medication but, to be honest, it’s only on the rarest of occasions that happens. We have contracts with over 60K pharmacies nationwide, and we have prices for hundreds of thousands of different drugs. However, given the strange world of pharmaceuticals, what often happens when someone can’t find their specific medication, is that it actually goes by a different name (this is particularly common when looking at brands vs. generics).

      Other times it’s just that the spelling is a little funky and people accidentally mis-type (…this can be fairly common when using a cellphone).

      We realize that asking you to double-check the spelling is somewhat like calling your internet provider and being asked, “Did you check whether everything is plugged in” so … if you’ve already tripple-checked the spelling, please feel free to email one of our reps directly with your zip code and the name of the prescription, we can double-check for you (you can use this email address – apotter@scriptsave.com).

      Alternatively, if you’re in Facebook you can open a Messenger window with us and type “Price My Meds” – our Robot will take another look for you (but be patient with him…he’s automated, and he doesn’t like it when we don’t stick to his script).

  8. Prevention will always be better than cure. I think this is something that we should really focus on because it will help improve our health so much and not just keep us away from disease.

  9. Meds can be really expensive so I try my best to stay healthy and fit. There are many other places I can invest that money on instead of medication.

  10. Since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, I was quickly overwhelmed with the cost of my monthly medical costs including my scripts. I always search for coupons. Coupons and cost comparison is a great way to save money.

    • If there’s anything we can do to help, we’re just a tollfree call or click away.

      Our ScriptSave WellRx app or website will help you do that cost-comparison at the click of a few buttons, without having to run/call around different pharmacies. This may be especially appealing, given how frequently prescription prices can change.

      The program genuinely comes at no cost to the patient … so, if you’re signing up, don’t forget the Invite Code (‘divine’).

  11. Michelle Waller

    I am going to have to give these a few try. I take several medications every month for my anxiety and the cost sure does add up.

    • Thanks for expressing your interest in the ScriptSave WellRx savings program, Michelle.

      The program genuinely comes at no cost to the patient … so, if you’re signing up, don’t forget the Invite Code (‘divine’).

      If there’s anything we can do to help, we’re just a tollfree call or click away.

  12. wow! sounds like a great app for saving money! I;ll have to keep this in mind : ) I always ask for the generic med if the Dr doesn’t mention it first… great list!

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Eloise!

      Generics are definitely a great way to help lower a monthly prescription bill, while knowing which pharmacies in your own zip code are pricing those generics most competitively can help to boost those savings even more!

      Next time you’re getting ready to fill a prescription, take a few moments to plug the Rx details into our ‘expedia-like’ price look-up tool. It’ll map out our lowest rates in your neighborhood.

      (and don’t forget our special Invite Code – “divine”)

  13. Robin rue

    I am always amazed by how much medications cost. Asking for generic is a great way to go.

  14. Thanks for the tips. I must check that app out and tell the hubs about it. The more we save, the better. 🙂

  15. I need to look into this! Even with insurance, prescriptions can be so costly. Anything you can do to help ease the burden is always a great thing.

  16. Tracey

    These tips are amazing! Prescriptions can be so expensive and anyway to take a load off is helpful!

  17. Catherine Sargent

    Thanks for sharing this. My mom was just here for a visit and I was shocked to find out what her prescriptions were costing her every month.

  18. Gabriel

    My wife has a few medications that she has to start taking on a regular basis, we’ll have to give these a try, every little bit helps.

  19. Shopping around really does help. My mom drives a little bit farther, but saves at least $45 on just one prescription!

    • We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and we’re still running into folks who never realized that prescription prices are simply NOT the same at every pharmacy. Therefore, kudos to your mom who’s already one-step ahead by knowing this!

      The other thing that many folks don’t realize is that medication prices are by no means static or stable. Changes can occur from one day to the next, and they can be dramatic. If your mother wants to double-check whether her pharmacy is still the most affordable for her meds, she can use the free online price-checker tool at ScriptSave WellRx. She can plug in the details of her meds, click a button and see the cash-prices at every pharmacy nearby.

      If there are any questions, we’re just a tollfree call or click away!

  20. Pam

    Medications can be pricey. Thanks for sharing these tips to save money and stay healthy.

  21. These are helpful ideas. I think being able to see all of the prices and compare would help me a lot. It’s cool that you can map the pharmacy locations too!

  22. Brianne

    Wow these are excellent tips. My son gets monthly medication so I will have to look into this! 

    • Please don’t hesitate to shout if you have any questions whatsoever about the ScriptSave WellRx savings program, Brianne (and thanks for reading all about us)!

      Don’t forget to use the special Invite Code (“divine”) when installing our mobile app or downloading the savings card from our website.

  23. I had no idea about this app, while we rarely need medications — I am going to look into this. I love your two tips of lose a few pounds and be proactive in healthy lifestyle/diet. Those probably are the two biggest things we can do to save on prescriptions but when the time comes, this ScriptSave WellRX will come in handy!

  24. Our prescriptions add up quickly, especially when you have a chronic illness, I’ll be sure to check out WellRx card to see if I can get additional savings on my prescriptions. Thanks for the info!

    • Not sure if you’ve had a chance to check out our website or mobile app yet, Theresa … but if you have any questions, we’re just a tollfree call away (and our FAQs page is pretty good).

      The link below will allow you to plug in your own meds & zip code…and it’ll return prices at the pharmacies in your area


  25. From the physician office standpoint, it’s so frustrating for us to write scripts for patients to only find out their insurance company won’t cover it and we have to go through the prior auth process, OR the cost is too much for the patient. Sometimes I wonder why we even write scripts, since the insurance companies have the final say.

    • Oh gosh, we hear this same message from physicians all the time, Sarah – you’re so right!

      We recently had a few doc offices contact us to ask if we could send them batches of physical cards in the mail, so they could hand them out to patients with every script.

      If this is something you’re interested in, please don’t hesitate to ping us. We’ll be only too happy to oblige…

    • We wanted to follow-up on this for you, Sarah. It turns out that our IT guys have actually created a “Bulk-card Order” page on our website…designed specifically for the reason that you outlined in your comment.

      If you need anything at your physician’s office, here’s the link…


      Thanks again for taking the time to read about the ScriptSave WellRx prescription savings program!

  26. Thanks for the tips. I will have to look into this.

  27. These tips are awesome! I would love to check out that website! It sounds so convenient to use!

  28. Our Family World

    Thank you for letting me know about WellRX card and app. This is awesome. I mean, we try to save by scrimping on a few dollars here and there, but prescription medicines are really expensive and we can’t go with not getting our meds. I love the price check comparison and the distance to drive to the particular pharmacy. That way , you can also weigh in the cost of gas to drive to a farther pharmacy where you can get your medicines at a better price.

  29. natalie z

    Dealing with auto-immune disorders we need all the help we can get! Thanks for the tips to help us save more on medical expenses.

  30. What a very useful app. I am a nurse and really never dealt with the prices of medicine until my husband and son got put on pricey meds. It is amazing how much prices vary per pharmacy.

    • It never ceases to amaze us just how much the price of a prescription can vary, Chriselle. Furthermore, prices can change even at the same pharmacy, just from one day to the next.

      If you want to try our ‘expedia-like’ price look-up tool, it’ll help you to stay on top of where the lowest rates are in your zip code…


  31. I generally don’t need any prescriptions, but I know plenty who do. This post will help them a ton.

  32. I think preventive care is really the best way to make sure you never need to spend on prescriptions

  33. I like the idea of saving money on prescriptions. I like all the tips you have here. I have been exercising and trying to lose weight so I hope that I can lose about 10 pounds.

  34. We had one nasty virus after the other in January and it was so expensive to get the meds the family needed. Great ideas

  35. If you need medication on a monthly basis like I do you know it adds up. I haven’t shopped around too much but ScriptSave really seems to help a lot.

  36. Im so happy there is an app for everything! The addresses you used are not too far from me either I am 20 mins away from Sandy Springs!

  37. Sarah

    I found this app the other day on a medication that wasn’t covered that was $634! For a single medication. While I can’t use these outside programs because of my insurance, I already showed a friend who pays out of pocket for her medications, and she saved $132 on her first month of medication. The app rocks!

    • Thanks for sharing the ScriptSave WellRx app with your friend, Sarah … and we’re certainly delighted to hear about her $132 savings in just the first month!

      Regarding using the program for folks who have insurance; while it’s true that the ScriptSave WellRx card can’t be used together with an insurance card, there’s nothing to stop a patient from choosing our program INSTEAD of their insurance if they so desire.

      Of course, this doesn’t always make the most sense. However, it’s not uncommon for our rates to be lower than an insurance copay (especially for people with High Deductible Health Plans).

      It’s even possible to fills some meds with insurance and others with ScriptSave WellRx.

      Thanks again for recommending us to your friend – much appreciated!

  38. Prescriptions can be so expensive, it’s so crazy the amount of money people have to pay to try and get well. i love seeing money saving tools like this available.

    • You’re so right, Val … and for many of our members they’re faced with needing to spend this money every single month for the rest of their lives. Or, worse still., when their children need these medications!

      As well as allowing folks to price-check their prescriptions at the various pharmacies in their zip code, our website also includes a button that allows the patient to toggle between prices for the brand drug vs. the generic. It has helped to save our ScriptSave WellRx members thousands and thousands of dollars on their prescription costs.

      If you want to check it out, it’s at the link below…


  39. Amy Desrosiers

    I love the suggestion of asking for a generic. It is crazy how much of a difference generics make price wise.

    • That’s no joke, Amy … generic prescriptions can save a ton of money each month.

      Our free prescription price-check tool includes a button that allows the patient to toggle between prices for the brand drug vs. the generic. It has helped to save our ScriptSave WellRx members thousands and thousands of dollars.

      If you want to check it out, it’s at the link below…


  40. This sounds so resourceful! I try to get generic as much as I can, even with insurance I am amazed how much prescriptions can cost especially my baby’s steroids and breathing meds!

    • You’re certainly not alone; it blows our minds here at ScriptSave WellRx just how pricey some of these meds can get…even with insurance (and especially for those with High Deductible Health Plans).

      Thanks for taking the time to read about the ScriptSave WellRx program, if there’s anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to download a free savings card and/or make use of our price look-up tool to find the lowest cost in your zip code.


  41. Just recently I found you can save money on prescriptions which we never had to pay for before our insurance changed. I am happy to find that you can find savings like this on our prescriptions. Thank you for the information.

    • Thanks for reading about the ScriptSave WellRx prescription savings program, Ladonna. You’re certainly not alone in finding that a recent change in insurance has left you paying out-of-pocket for prescriptions! Many of our members found us after the exact same thing happened to them.

      When you have a few minutes, take a quick look at the special URL we created to go with this blog post (pasted below). You’ll be able to price-check your own meds, in your own zip code, as well as download a free savings card. There’s also a short video that explains a little about how the ScriptSave WellRx savings program works.


  42. Kathy

    These are all great ways to save. I know that my father has mentioned the one about generic brands. He always asks his doctor about that.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read about the ScriptSave WellRx prescription savings program, Kathy!

      Not sure if you had a chance to download the free Rx savings card that came with this blog post, but if your father has regular medications that he needs to take, it might save him some money with each refill.

      If he’s already got some kind of prescription insurance (for instance, perhaps he has a Medicare Part D plan), those plans won’t let him use the insurance in conjunction with the savings that we can bring. HOWEVER, it might be worth doing a quick price-check to compare his out-of-pocket costs under his insurance plan against the ScriptSave WellRx prescription prices. It’s not uncommon for our negotiated rates to be lower than insurance. Obviously, that doesn’t happen all the time, but it costs nothing to use our price-check tool at the link below…


      Thanks again for reading about our prescriptions savings card!

  43. Alicia Gonzalez

    These are great tips! So many people forget to talk to their doctor about generic brands and the savings can be huge. We have quite a few regular prescriptions in my family, between my own and the kids. I can definitely put this app to use! Thanks for sharing.

    • Not sure if you’ve had a chance to download our ScriptSave WellRx mobile app yet, Alicia (or perhaps you’ve visited our website at http://www.wellrx.com)?

      If you have any questions, we’re just a tollfree call or click away…and don’t forget that special Invite Code that we ran as part of the blog post – ‘divine’

      If you want to know a little more about how this prescription savings program works, we were recently featured on Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act” – you can watch our short segment at the YouTube link below.

      Thanks again for you interest!


    • Not sure if you’ve had a chance to download our ScriptSave WellRx mobile app yet, Alicia (or perhaps you visited our website at http://www.wellrx.com)?

      If you have any questions, we’re just a tollfree call or click away.

      If want to know a little more about how our free prescription savings program works, we were recently featured on Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act” and you can watch our short segment at the YouTube link below…


      Thanks again for your interest!

  44. Very cool app idea! We so need that in South Africa! Will save me so much time.

  45. That’s very wonderful
    It is easy to follow
    I shared this article with my family members and friends
    Thank you for sharing

  46. Tammy E

    I just checked for the cost of Premarin using the search option and it’s $135 more than my Walgreens pharmacist quoted to me a couple of​ days ago($214 to $349 with your discount).
    I know it doesn’t seem like a medication that is needed but I ran out about 4 weeks ago due to my insurance doesn’t want to pay for it any longer, and I’m going nuts here. I can’t leave my house because of the hot flashes. They are so severe that I have to change clothes after each one. And, my hair actually drips sweat during a hot flashe.

    Do you have any other ideas how I can afford my medication? I live on disability, Medicaid and food stamps and cannot afford to pay for the premarin.
    Thanks for trying to help people afford their medication!!

    • So sorry for not seeing your comment earlier, Tammy. We’re hopefully that your situation with insurance has been resolved by now. However, if not, the following insights might help you.

      It looks like the $349 price that you were quoted within the ScriptSave WellRx price-check tool was probably for Premarin in it’s Cream form. However, the tablet form is significantly less expensive.

      If you revisit our price-check tool (https://www.wellrx.com/divine), enter Premarin in the Drug Name box, with you zip code, as before …

      … then, when the page loads, there’s a drop-down menu towards the top of the page (right above where the list of all the pharmacies and prices appears). It will have selected “Cream/Appl” as the default. If you click this default selection, it will open a short list of alternatives. From here you will be able to select “Tablet” and the whole list will re-price.

      You’ll see pricing for 30 tablets (at a strength of 0.625MG) for far less than the $214 that Walgreens quoted you.

      You can edit the strength & quantity, then re-price as needed.

      We hope this helps!

  47. Kelly

    I have done ALOT of comparison price shopping. Haven’t check wellrx. BLINK and GOODRX have great prices. However, I use both because the prices at one is cheaper and vice verse. CVS is my Pharmacy since the price was the best.

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