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Loving an Appliance I've Never Met – Hello New Refrigerator! Bye Bye Beast

I just read this article from the Lisa Cianci of Moms at Work & the Orlando Sentinel. Lisa discusses loving  her new refrigerator and the post is pretty cute.

About halfway through the post, I realized that I was doing the exact same thing. Loving an appliance as well. I was in love with my new refrigerator. The  only difference is that I don't exactly have my new refrigerator yet. I mean, it's coming. I know it is. I am just so ready for a change and for a refrigerator from…oh…this century.

Seriously, our current refrigerator (who we'll just call The Beast) has seen better days. He is in rough shape. Don't get me wrong. We still love him and we are not kicking him out of the family just yet. He is retiring from active duty and will now house drinks and excess groceries.

Let's take a look at the Beast with some pictures. Clearly I have three little Picasso's who like to draw on the Beast AND put their pictures on it as well.


If you go down a little further, you will see that my little cherubs also like to stand or kick parts of the refrigerator. Notice all of the chocolate milk pock marks all over the place as well. I moved the fridge back and noticed how completely nasty it was under there. TOTALLY GROSS!!


Next up is the front of the refrigerator. While at first glance, these strips perfectly compliment my fridge. However, the strips are completely loose from excessive pulling by three kids. As a side note, these linoleum floors are a total b*tch to clean and they always look horrible. Just in case you ever come to my house. 😉


Now we are on the inside of the Beast. Here are the shelves:


This shelf gets pulled on constantly as the kids hoist themselves up to see what is available


This drawer cannot be opened any further or the entire bottom shelf complete with glass falls out. This is from being left open while a kid tries to pound the refrigerator door shut.

Finally we make it to the freezer. The ice maker quit working earlier this year when my mother someone in the household tried to move the fridge without asking for help. So we make ice in trays or buy it from the store which is annoying because no one ever remembers to fill the trays.

Last but certainly not least in a sheer MacGyver like move, I fixed this shelf in the freezer which is also broken from being pulled. A little duct tape and sheer will made this shelf next to impossible to remove again. Yay me!


On the next chapter in this story. As crying begging pleading my fabulous blogging skills luck would have it, I have been chosen to be a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom. As a loyal Frigidaire user already, I could not have been more thrilled.

Soon, the Beast will be leaving our household and is probably so thankful for the break. But we are even more excited that in its place, we will be receiving the following :

frigidaire refrigerator

Can I get a WOOHOO?

Frigidaire Test Drive ButtonI am a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom and a long time Frigidaire customer.

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