Small Talk Six - 6 Things I’ve Made During My Lifetime That I Am Proud Of
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Small Talk Six – 6 Things I’ve Made During My Lifetime That I Am Proud Of

1. First and foremost:

I couldn't be more proud of those three children. They have absolutely changed who I am 100% in such an amazingly good way, that I truly know that I am the lucky one.

2. When my youngest baby turned one, we had a little cake for her on the actual day and did the birthday party later. I found a little birthday crown for her. When my two older ones saw the crown, they both started crying for a crown too. They were upset because they always had hats (I had forgotten them this time). So in true MacGyver like style, I whipped out the tin foil, scissors and tape. I made two crowns in less than five minutes flat. I am proud that I made these stupid looking crowns so fast and that my kids loved them so much, they still have and wear them well over a year later. They also remember what we were celebrating and how happy the baby was that they both had crowns on too.

3. I started my own business and did well at it for a while. My sister and I had our business selling customized baby and kid products. People went crazy over them. Some of them we made and others we lined up with other stay-at-home-moms. We had orders for months. Then I started working full time and she began on an almost two year divorce press.

4. One year, I got really crafty at Christmas. I gave all of my friends homemade Bailey's Irish Creme and homemade Kahlua that I slaved over for weeks. They tasted fabulous, were much cheaper and I even packged them in cheap, vintage glass bottles that I had found in various thrift stores. Sadly, I never had that much money or time around Christmas again.

5. When I do cook dinner from scratch and/or make a family recipe, I am usually pretty lucky and they turn out pretty well. I am proud that the food tastes good and that it brings back wonderful memories from my childhood.

6. I made a book for my son's Kindergarten teacher this year as an end of the year present. I took a picture of every kid, had them sign their name and then interviewed them on what they liked about their teacher. I created a page for each child and even got some quotes from the parents. Every page was laminated and then bound into a book. It was so cute and she loved it!

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  1. Heather

    What a great idea for a teacher present! I bet that’s the best presents she ever received from her students!

  2. HSB Suzanne

    I didn’t participate this past Saturday because we were out of town, but I wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your list of six things you’ve “created.” 🙂 Thanks for sharing them w/ us.

  3. Kim Kihega

    Have you heard about the Everything Mom $500 BlogHer scholarship contest? Just wanted to let you know if you haven’t!

  4. ellen

    Ahh thats what you made for the teacher- thats a very good idea! I really like how you had them sign their name & interviewed them too.
    Homemade Baileys? Wow!
    Your kids are precious- and 3 of your most beautiful things for sure!

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