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Lottie Dolls Review

Lottie Dolls

It is no secret that children can spend hours enjoying dolls. Dressing them up, playing make believe, and bringing stories to life are all great ways to enjoy dolls in your home. I recently had the chance to try out a new line of dolls called Lottie Dolls, perfect for the imaginative child who can’t get enough of dolls!

Lottie Dolls are similar to most dress up dolls, but are unique in the fact that they represent characters and time periods in history. Each doll tells a story and comes with time period/character appropriate clothing and accessories. This is a neat feature about these dolls, as they give children the opportunity to learn as they play.

Lottie Dolls 2

Here are a few other features worth noting about Lottie Dolls that makes them stand out from the rest! As you will see, these are no ordinary dolls.

  • Perfect for ages 3-10.
  • Age appropriate, doesn’t wear make up, jewelry, or adult like clothing.
  • Doll can be posed, stand up on own.
  • Easy to dress and change clothing, even for little hands.
  • Great attention to detail in the clothing and accessories.
  • Doll has soft hair perfect for combing and styling.

As if these perks weren’t enough, Lottie Dolls have won 19 awards for providing a toy that is thoughtful, durable, and of the highest standards. Each doll comes in a beautiful gift box that shares the doll’s story with you and makes for perfect storage later.

Lottie Dolls 1

I was able to sample the Lighthouse Keeper doll as well as the Scuba Girl clothing and accessories. My four year old loved changing the outfits on her doll and was able to do so unassisted. I enjoyed how age appropriate the doll was, with clothing that was stylish and more childlike than adult like. The accessories that came with the doll were durable, lifelike, and made for hours of imaginative fun. My daughter loved having the box to put her doll back in when done, and is looking forward to collecting more from the Lottie Doll set.

Lottie dolls are durable and easy to clean, making them a toy that is sure to last. I appreciate the quality and attention of detail that goes into each one, which is something you don’t see much of with toys these days. If you are looking for quality, age appropriate dolls for your child, Lottie Dolls should fit the bill quite well.

Lottie Dolls retail for around $24.95 each, and the optional clothing and accessory sets can be purchased for around $14.95 each.

Lottie Dolls 4



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28 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. ellen beck

    I really like this doll. I lik the message it gives as far as being dressed appropriately and I like the way the outfits look. I am partial to dolls or toys that teach lessons .
    Its nice this ddoll isnt wearing makeup, isnt all stragely made (the Barbie complex) and just plain looks normal.
    I am going to have to look for this doll, I have nieces who would like her.

  2. What a cute doll. I am typing this comment with my daughter next to me and she cannot get her eyes off it. I like that it is dressed appropriately

  3. How cute is this doll. I really like the outfit with the anchors on it. Also like that the clothes are age appropriate

  4. This doll is absolutely gorgeous compared to most dolls today. I am very impressed with her!

  5. My DD3 loves dolls. She always gets them naked and makes me dress them in different outfits. This doll is really cute! I love the big eyes!

  6. I love how this doll is actually realistic!! ‘She’s dressed appropriately and is perfect for little girls!

  7. Awww love the nautical outfit of Lottie. I have an only daughter but she was never into dolls although she’s got some that was given by friends and family.

  8. CourtneyLynne

    omg how cute is this doll?!? I have never heard of these before but my daughter would love one. She has a birthday coming up… May have to look into these 😉

  9. Elizabeth O.

    This doll and her dresses are very nice! I remember mine looks similar to Lottie…

  10. That is an interesting doll. I like the business suit attire. I rarely see dolls with that.

  11. Awww what cute little dolls. The girls love small dolls that they can keep in their handbags when we are traveling. I know they would love these and the accessories would be a hit as well.

  12. Awww…Stacie, So cute – I remember spending hours with my Barbie dolls – and these Lottie dolls are better for younger ages like your little 4 yr old –

  13. Isn’t this doll precious? I need a little girl in my life to get this for!

  14. I have never heard of these dolls before. I love how different they are and how each doll tells a story and comes with time period/character appropriate clothing and accessories. What a fun gift idea.

  15. Rosey

    The little Lottie Dolls are cute. They’re small enough to tuck away and carry with you in the car too. 🙂

  16. Never heard of this doll before, reminds me of a mix of an american doll and a barbie, pretty cute.

  17. I’ve never heard of this brand of dolls before! I love the details they put into her!

  18. How cute! I haven’t seen these before. I am quite sure my girls would love this doll. Especially the fact it comes with all the gear! So cute!

  19. What an adorable doll! I really like that the doll is very age appropriate and not covered in make-up and inappropriate clothing some of the ones these days.

  20. What an adorable little doll. My little M loves dolls and changing out their clothes. I’m sure she would love this.

  21. She is so adorable – my niece would so love this.. too kawaiii <3

  22. I love that this doll is like a real girl. Nothing inappropriate or too grown up. My nieces who are going to be 4 would love this doll.

  23. What a lovely doll! And knowing that it got 19 awards, that is definitely a one of a kind doll.

  24. As a little girl, I was never a huge fan of dolls because their expressions would freak me out. I wish I could of had a chance to own a Lottie Doll because she looks absolutely previous. The scuba set is so cute and looks like so much fun for a little girl.

  25. I love the premise behind these dolls … their occupations and and hobbies. It’s so much healthier than just dressing dolls up in fancy clothes!

  26. Such cute dolls. I can’t say that I honestly remember seeing these in the store anywhere. Will have to check them out online. Thank you for sharing.

  27. I’m pretty happy this doesn’t look like those bratz dolls. I never understood dolls with a head bigger than the entire body combined!

  28. what a cute little baby doll. its always surprising kids

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