How to Prevent Your Furnace From Breaking Down During Winter

How to Prevent Your Furnace From Breaking Down During Winter

How to Prevent Your Furnace From Breaking Down During Winter

As the months become colder, everyone looks for the best ways to keep their homes comfortable. In harsh weather conditions, homeowners rely on the HVAC system to keep their homes warm and cozy. If your heating system fails, scheduling a repair is critical since minor problems can escalate into more severe issues. If you’re experiencing heating problems, you should call experienced and licensed HVAC technicians to restore your heater. This is How to Prevent Your Furnace From Breaking Down During Winter.

For example, if you live in Ottawa, Canada, or anywhere in southeastern Ontario and want to solve your heating problems as soon as possible, seek a certified heating Ottawa-based company that offers outstanding service. And make sure your unit is serviced regularly so that you avoid expensive and severe problems. The HVAC technicians understand how critical it is to have a working unit, especially during the winter. They’ll work hard to restore your heating system effectively. However, use the following tips to do everything you can to prevent your HVAC system from breaking down.

Change Your Air Filter

When the air filter is clogged, it has to work harder to pass air through, which causes furnace failure. And good airflow is critical if you want to keep your AC from freezing. A dirty or clogged filter can prevent adequate airflow through the return duct. If there isn't sufficient air flowing via the evaporator coil, it'll form an ice layer. Regularly changing your filter is necessary for preventing freezing, but also for good AC performance and indoor air quality.

Turn Up the Heat – HVAC Seasonal Switch

It's recommended to replace your filter every three months, though some manufacturers may recommend replacing it monthly. The activity level determines the frequency with which you should replace the air filter in your home. For instance, if you opened your windows more frequently in the early fall, there could be more dust in the house than usual. Also, if you have done some repairs in your home, the dust produced would clog the filter faster than normal. 

Clear Out Debris and Dirt 

Examine your vents for debris and dirt. You should do that immediately if you see a significant amount of filth or have never had your ducts cleaned. Blocked ducts can build up pressure in the ductwork, causing cracks in the places where warm air escapes. In addition, a buildup of debris in the ductwork and furnace components can lead to system failure. Finally, blocked registers can prevent warm air from flowing throughout your home. So, vacuuming and cleaning the vents and registers that allow airflow throughout your home is essential. 

Why Are My AC Vents So Dusty?

This way, the air will pass through easily, reducing the need for your system to work harder. It's also critical to keep your vents and registers clear of furniture to make sure that no furniture is blocking the airflow. In addition, we recommend keeping the vents open. Don't be tempted to close a few to reduce your energy bills. By closing them, you'll reduce airflow and increase the possibility of your HVAC unit freezing. So, only close up to two supply vents.

Pay Attention to Any Unusual Things

Furnaces can communicate with you by making weird sounds and odors. Sounds such as rattling, booming, clicking, and buzzing indicate that your furnace requires immediate and effective repair. Likewise, scents of smoke, rotten eggs (typically the smell of flammable gas leaking), or other fumes can indicate a safety issue and the need for HVAC repairs. While it may not smell like a lovely flower or have the most pleasing sound, your heater shouldn't smell or sound funny!

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Seal Your Home

Sealing your home improves energy efficiency and lowers your monthly energy bills. In the winter, we recommend wrapping plastic around doors and windows. Also, ensure to replace any damaged doors weatherstripping leading to the outside regularly.

You can also caulk around your windows and outlets and fill in any holes around pipes and vents to add a layer of draft protection. Finally, remember to check that your attic has the proper insulation, and for best results, you can contact professionals from iFOAM. Their skilled team can ensure that your attic is effectively insulated, providing optimal energy efficiency and comfort for your home. This way, you'll prevent warm air from escaping through the attic panel or door.

As you can see, the best way to prevent your furnace from breaking down is to have HVAC technicians inspect it regularly so that they can catch minor problems as they arise and save you money on a costly repair or replacement later on. In addition, professional heating service is crucial during harsh weather when your HVAC unit is constantly working to keep your home warm. Our tips will help homeowners keep their furnaces running smoothly for the remainder of the fall and winter this year!

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