5 Ways To Become A Professional Writer In Canada

5 Ways To Become A Professional Writer In Canada

5 Ways To Become A Professional Writer In Canada

The career of a writer is often seen as a glamorous one. You roll out of bed around noon, make yourself a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette, and take your computer to a hipster coffee shop where you drink more coffee until you find the inspiration to write. Another popular way to portray writers is as manic geniuses that can only work in the hours of the night and forget about food, water, or hygiene when they’re on a roll.

You probably know that the reality is very different. Unless you’re a mentally ill 19th century philosopher with a drinking problem or Carrie Bradshaw, your writing process will look nothing like that. The truth is, being a writer is not as romantic as it sounds, especially if you are an online essay writer working for an academic writing service, which is a rather popular writing job nowadays. It’s also not easy to become a professional writer in Canada, as the workforce is full of writers already. Here are some tips on how to kickstart your writing career!

Top writers in Canada

One sure way to put your name on the map is by getting in touch with some of the top writers in Canada and learning from them. They can help you create a name for yourself and even recommend some publications that are looking for writers. Experienced writers are always happy to share tips about their career successes. If you’re struggling, you can select a writer from EduBirdie’s base, a website for essay writing. Don’t worry, EduBirdie is not just for homework and research papers! You can find great people to connect with. Maybe you will choose to pursue a career in academic writing after you see how hard these writers work.

Formal education

The most obvious step towards becoming a writer is to get a formal education in the field. That entails getting a Bachelor’s, or even Master’s, degree in the field of Journalism, Communication, English, or any other relevant program. A formal education will give you more than you can imagine. 

You will gain a better understanding of the subject and what your job would entail. You will also gain connections in the field, and network with your classmates and teachers. Finally, having formal education on your CV opens you up to a world of possibilities. Most employers still prefer to hire someone who has a degree.

Writing courses

If you got your education in a different field or don’t want to pursue higher education at all, there are ways around it. You can teach yourself! There are great writing courses you can find on the internet that will cost you close to nothing. Visit websites like Skillshare, edX, and MasterClass, and check out the writing courses they offer. 

The internet is full of resources. You can find almost anything! Let’s say you want to become a screenwriter. Surf the internet for some screenwriting books and courses that will elevate your knowledge in the field. You can learn a lot and you don’t have to commit to a formal education.


Regardless of what kind of writer you aspire to be, you should have your own blog. The blog can be about anything. Let’s say you want to become a movie critic. Write about the films you’ve seen in your blog. Make weekly entries about the best and worst motion pictures of the week. You can also write about your life experiences, the path to becoming a writer, or any other journey you’ve embarked on. 

It’s not so much about the topic as it is about your writing style. When you inevitably come across a job opportunity that you want to pursue, attaching a link to your blog to your resume can tip the scales in your favor.

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If you run, you’re a runner. It’s that simple. Don’t think it’s any different with writing. All it takes is one job and you’re a writer! Gaining experience may be difficult, especially in the beginning. Nobody wants to hire a writer with no experience. That’s what internships are for! You can offer your services to a big or small firm in exchange for some much-needed experience and know-how. Do that for a couple of months and you’ve got something to add to your CV.

Experience can also refer to your own projects. If you take your blog a little bit more seriously, you can turn it into an amazing piece for your portfolio. In this case, you need to have a clear idea and theme that your writing will follow. You should also work to make it visually appealing and optimized for search engines.

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