Tips to travel safely during pregnancy

Tips for Flying While Pregnant

Tips for Flying While Pregnant

Pregnancy is not a disease, and certainly not a reason to give up the hobby of traveling. To break away from everyday life and to gain new experiences – all this is only for the benefit of the future mother and child. If there are no medical reasons preventing you from traveling, if you feel well, a change of environment and relaxation by the sea is a great idea. Keeping that in mind, we will find out more about tips and tricks on how to travel safely during pregnancy.

Tips to travel safely during pregnancy

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Second trimester: The best period of pregnancy to travel

Most gynecologists agree that it is best to plan trips during the second trimester of pregnancy (from 14 to 26 weeks). In this period, neither extraneous odors nor unusual tastes are annoying and do not darken the mood. Although the weight increases, the belly becomes bigger, walks on the streets, short excursions, and picnics are not too tiring and do not cause discomfort. Statistics show that the risk of miscarriage and premature birth is the lowest in the second trimester of pregnancy.

After the 7th month of pregnancy, it is better to refuse travel: the baby may come into the world earlier than planned. In addition, doctors do not advise women from the 34th week of pregnancy to travel by plane. Do you love traveling and suddenly find out that you are pregnant? Do not worry. Visit a doctor, do an ultrasound, and use a pregnancy due date calculator by ultrasound and plan your future trips if your doctor allows it.

Documents for traveling during pregnancy

In addition to a passport or identity card, when traveling all mothers-to-be are recommended to take with them:

  • Pregnancy test results. Take the pregnancy card, ultrasound, and other test documents with you on the trip, so that if you need emergency medical help during the trip, the doctor providing it can get to know the progress of the pregnancy.
  • Doctor's certificate for those mothers-to-be who are flying by plane.  If you are going to fly and the pregnancy is clearly visible, get a doctor's note about the expected time of delivery.
  • Medical expenses insurance. Most insurance companies do not consider childbirth to be an insurable event, so they do not cover the cost of giving birth abroad. Depending on the insurance company, only limited costs related to pregnancy or childbirth complications may be covered. But even in these circumstances, medical insurance is a good idea.
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Choose the destination and country wisely

No matter how great you feel, pregnancy is not a time for challenges, exotic trips, or physically exhausting trips. Here are the main criteria to consider when choosing a country for travel during pregnancy: 

  • Are there any dangerous diseases common in the country and do you need to be vaccinated against them? It is better not to choose countries where vaccination is mandatory. Avoid traveling to countries where dangerous diseases are prevalent.
  • Climatic conditions. When choosing a country to travel to, take into account its climatic conditions and the time of year – with an increase in body weight, the heat affects you more than usual. Avoid sunbathing because you can get sunstroke.
  • Time zone difference. It is not recommended to cross many time zones. It is better that the time differs from your usual one by no more than a couple of hours.
  • It is better if the food of the country you are going to is not too exotic, and not overloaded with unusual spicy spices.
  • Check the level of health care in the country. Be sure that medical assistance has the right level and is quickly available if needed.
  • It is advisable to travel in your car. Traveling in your car, if you are not driving yourself, is the most convenient in most cases, and the most important thing is that you can stop and get out at any time you want.

Traveling while pregnant is advisable during the second trimester of your pregnancy. Plan your trip in advance, check your health and have the most important documents with you. Choose your travel destination carefully. Avoid very exotic countries with different climates and traditional food.

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