Newair Black Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge NWB076BS00
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Newair Black Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge NWB076BS00

Newair Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge

Over the past 10 years I have taken on some really exciting projects. Remodeling my kitchen, curating my kids’ gaming room, and creating an in-house mini bar are just a couple of my favorites to date. That being said, in all three of these projects, one of the biggest decisions I had to make was what fridge I was going to use. Of course, for the bar, I went with a wine fridge, but I didn’t think that this could double for my kitchen remodel AND my kid’s gaming room. The Newair 24” Built-in Dual Zone 18 Bottle and 58 Can Wine and Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler in Black Stainless Steel with French Doors and Adjustable Shelves Model Number: NWB076BS00 was the perfect addition for all 3 of these rooms. 


The Kitchen

 My family is a family of cooks and bakers. My daughter bakes every type of dessert and bread you can think of. While we have a standard-sized fridge in the kitchen, with three kids, you can only imagine how crowded that fridge can get. When I saw the Newair fridge I knew it would be the perfect fix for this issue. With the Newair fridge, we can have a designated space for most of our refrigerated cooking supplies.

Eggs, milk, cheese, and anything that we only use for cooking goes in this fridge and it has really helped our kitchen stay organized. OH, and the best part? The fridge has two sections, each with its own lock. So we can keep cooking wines and alcohol in one side, locked away, while still using the other side for dairy and other cooking ingredients.

The Bar

When I moved into my new house, I was shocked to find that there was a movable bar in the basement. I knew I could not let this opportunity go to waste. After setting up our bedrooms and living room, I took to making the bar the ultimate entertaining space. I got signs, replaced a few bulbs, got all of my favorite bartending appliances, and the Newair mini fridge.

The amazing thing about this fridge is that the French doors allow it to have two separate sections. My favorite side is the right, since it works as a wine fridge. With this fridge I am able to keep all of my wines and spirits at the correct temperature, in one concise space. The fridge’s black stainless steel color and design work perfectly to keep my bar looking sleek and modern.

The Gaming Room

My kids have been begging me for a gaming room for years now, and I finally folded. After finally caving on the idea of the gaming room, I knew I had to go all out for them. I ordered a game table, with a built in chess board, couches, framed game boards and music memorabilia and of course, the Newair mini fridge!

The gaming room is in the basement of our house and I have always been very adamant on hydration. While I would love for my kids to come up stairs and get a drink when they are thirsty, the reality of the situation is that most of the time they won’t wind up getting water because it is “too far.” Adding this mini fridge to their game room is a way for me to make sure they stay hydrated while playing their games.

Is this fridge right for you?

If you are looking for a mini fridge/wine fridge for you kitchen, bar, gaming room, or bedroom, then YES! This fridge is the perfect fridge for you! From it’s beautiful color and design, to its ample storage space, this fridge really makes the perfect addition to any room.

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