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Resolve Pre-Treat Laundry Stain Remover with Spray ‘n Wash

Resolve Pre-Treat Laundry Stain Remover with Spray 'n WashThis is a sponsored video for Resolve that I have been compensated for & received free product for through Burst Media.  I have provided parental contest for my child being in this video. 

I am a stain fighting fanatic. It drives me nuts to see stains on my children's clothing. It drives me even more nuts to see them after the fact (being washed and dried) because by then they are much tougher to remove. Still I manage to do it a lot of the time.

But mostly I try to get at the stains as soon as I see them. It is not uncommon for me to make a child take off whatever they are wearing and change clothes because whatever they were wearing had a stain on it. When I see a stain, I just have to get at it.

It doesn't help that my youngest child is a stain magnet. My husband and I often remark that she can get dirty walking from her room to the car. We have no clue how this happens but it always happens. We call her Messy Marvin because of it.

Did you know that Resolve has an entire website dedicated to helping you get rid of stains?

Here is a video that I made with my two older children. We talked about stains as we got a set in chocolate stain out of my youngest daughters clothing.


Got a stain tip to share? Check out the Resolve Tip Exchange to share tips or get advice on how to handle those pesky stains!

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  1. Nicole A.

    We use resolve for our stains too!

  2. Karen

    Love that there is a tip site for other stains

  3. Love Resolve! We used it to get chocolate out too! Plus some sort of mystery sticky stuff, lol. It works fantastic the first time around!

  4. A stain remover that takes out chocolate. Love it!! WIll be picking that up the next time I am at the store.

  5. Jennifer

    Resolve is a MUST! It’s great to have on-hand for little ones who are “stain magnets” 🙂

  6. I’m just about out of my stain remover so I’m going to try out Resolve next.

  7. I’ve got to get this next time I’m at Kroger. Between food stains and potty training stains, I do a lot of pre-treating with detergent. But I think I need something tougher!

  8. This is seriously all I use on our stains! We love this stuff!

  9. Cyndie

    I love using Resolve on the stains. It works great!

  10. I used to use Resolve years ago. Not sure why I stopped because my Hubs and I can get pretty sloppy sometimes.

  11. I always forget about how well resolve works.. I need to go get a bottle! thanks for the post!

  12. Good stain remover and your review is very explaining. Thank you for letting me know about Resolve 🙂

  13. Natalie

    I need this in my life, I need like a costco pack of this stuff!

  14. I love Resolve for my carpets. It seems to be the only thing that will keep up with the stains my kids leave behind!

  15. Marina

    If you presoak overnight the stain comes out easier 🙂

  16. I hate stains and I’m horrible about getting them out so I need this!

  17. Loving any tips on stain removal (said the mother of kindergartners, myself included, everywhere!). Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  18. My kids are stain magnets as well. All their clothes are “play” clothes.

  19. Resolve is my number 1 stain fighter too! I love their new website! Its nice to know there is a place to get all my stain questions answered!

  20. Pauchee Casimiro

    I really need this! My son really loves choco and he always stains his clothes, and oh, mine too. :))

    Pauchee C.

  21. I live for Resolve, with 3 kids it is a must have n my house.

  22. I haven’t tried resolve but I do need to find a good stain remover, I’ll pick it up the next time i go shopping!

  23. Definitely looking forward to trying this in our home! Stains happen with regularity.

  24. Shanna

    With a 3 year old, a dog and 2 cats, I need a good stain remover!

  25. I’m always cleaning stains from my carpet. Thanks for the tips!

  26. Stains can be very disappointing and destroy any nice clothing, glad we got Resolve now.

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