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How Casino Slots Have Changed

How Casino Slots Have ChangedHow Casino Slots Have Changed

The gambling world has changed a good deal over the last decades. No longer a sole possession of places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, casinos have popped up across Native American reservations, riverboats, and waterfronts. It has also expanded across the globe beyond Monte Carlo.

This has meant an increase in gaming equipment. Casino slot machines, in particular, have seen a resurgence. This has resulted in rapid changes to these classics of gambling. Here are some examples of how casino slots machines have changed over the last few years.

How Casino Slots Have Changed

No More Coins

To clarify, smaller casinos and outlying locations with slot machines still take coins. However, instead of giving them back in winnings, they distribute the profits on vouchers, which can be taken to the cashier for money or direct bank deposits.

While slot machines on larger floors still take coins, they try to dissuade them in the casino. Instead, they accept dollar bills. When the player is done, what's left or won is given out as a voucher. 

Some casino corporations have decided to give players a choice of payouts or credits toward other comps. They do this through membership cards. Similar to what someone would use at the supermarket, these cards gather points toward complimentary meals and stays. What's earned depends on how much is spent.

Better Security

It's not as easy to hack a slot machine as they did in Ocean's 13. The truth is, this equipment is probably more secure than some standard business servers.

The use of membership cards helps in that matter. If an uptick in activity is noticed by computers, security is altered to potential malicious activity. It's similar to processes used when banks are alerted to an increase of unusual activity.

The other way slot machines have been secured is in their algorithms. No matter the type, computer chips handle the unpredictability of the patterns to make someone an instant winner or a repeat user.

How Casino Slots Have ChangedDigital Slots

Walk around any large casino, and you'll hear more video game noises than old fashion slot machine bells. You'll also notice most of them resemble video games.

It took some time for slots to move into the digital age. For years, blackjack and video poker were the digital darlings of casinos. However, the switch to game-based slots has drawn more people to them.

Better Bonuses and Progressives

In the past, slot machines were simple gambling devices. Today's versions move toward gamification for more chances to win. It also helps to increase the value of progressives when it comes to slot machine clusters.

Take the FarmVille slot machine as an example. Similar in design to the Zynga-based game, players can achieve bonuses, including the progressive, if they get the right bonus combination. This extra level keeps players at the slot machines for more extended periods. 

Similar Online Play

The digitization of slot machines has allowed game manufacturers and casino brands to take them online. This is another way how casino slots have changed. Once on the internet, users can play them for free, for cash, or for comps on many websites. 

Dancing Drums is an example of this type of game. Popular in the casinos for years, it's available to play for free at various online sites. It's also one of the games MGM Club members can play on the MyVegas app to earn comps at the company's various hotels.

Low-Cost Slots

There was a time when penny and nickel slots nearly vanished in lieu of ones that cost a quarter or higher. Currently, they’ve made a comeback, especially on digital slots.

Thanks to technology, players can now run multiple slot lines for a greater win. Some have a maximum of 25 lines. Thus, both the casino and the player can reap profits. While the latter jackpot may not be as much as they would with quarter slots, 50 cents for ten lines is a good deal. 

Familiar Themes

As video games grew in popularity during the late 1970s, pinball machine manufacturers began to theme their products to current pop culture. Thus, people could play ones based on KISS or Star Wars.

The same happened in the slot machine industry. Players can now spend their time on consoles based on superheroes, classic movies like The Wizard of Oz, or TV shows. 

As gaming changes, so will slot machines. No matter what new product comes up, they will remain the go-to gambling choice for many. 

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