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10 Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied During a Long Journey

Whether you’re cruising down the highway or sitting in a car driving through city traffic, you’ll probably wind up bored. You might think about all the work piled up on your desk, or wonder how much longer it will be before you can stop for a break.

Unable to take your mind off of your boredom? These are some ways to stay occupied during long journeys:

1) Read a book

Whether it's an e-book or a paperback, throw yourself into another world. Losing yourself in another world will help to keep you from getting bored and will see your journey speed by.

2) Visit an online casino

As mobile internet speeds improve, you can now access your favorite casino sites like mbitcasino.io on the go and indulge yourself in a little video poker.

3) Do a crossword puzzle

Crosswords are fun and they challenge your mind. This is a great way to pass the time if you can't stop thinking about all of those files on your desk.

4) Listen to an audiobook

Are you already an audiobook listener, or do you prefer traditional books? If so, consider bringing an audiobook with you on a long journey so that you can listen without having to keep looking at pages.

5) Play games on your phone or tablet

There are many car games on the market. These include games that involve matching colors, spotting objects, and swiping. These can be a lot of fun; plus, they will help you become more familiar with your smartphone's capabilities.

6) Listen to music

It doesn't matter what kind of music it is; it just has to keep you interested! Sometimes, all you need is one great song or artist to get you through a long journey.

7) Get some exercise

At first, this may sound a little bizarre, but if you think about it, being on the road for extended periods can really tire you out. So don't forget to get outside and get some fresh air.

8) Doodle in your notebook or journal

These are safe activities that will keep you from missing your goals and obligations (at least until your pen runs out of ink). If you've got a favorite drawing pad/pencil set, then go ahead and get them out.

9) Think up a story while on the road

It can be easy to get bored while traveling, but if you turn your mind to creative endeavors, then you might think of something that will make the long trip go by a little faster.

10) Learn greetings in a foreign language

If you are lucky enough to be traveling internationally, you could try learning simple greetings in the local language.

When you’ve got a long journey ahead of you, it can be easy to get bored. You might feel like doing nothing at all but if you can come up with a way to stay occupied, then your trip will go that much faster! So, grab a book or your phone and while away the journey doing something a little more interesting than staring out of a window.

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