Here’s How to Party Like It’s 1999

Here’s How to Party Like It’s 1999

Here’s How to Party Like It’s 1999

Somewhere in the shuffle, we lost the appreciation for simple, good, clean fun. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. The ingredients for a good party are the same as they have always been in every tribe and culture from the beginning of evolution. We hope that this Here’s How to Party Like It’s 1999 post inspires you. 

  • Invite a few good friends and people you would like to get to know.
  • Serve a few of their favorite drinks.
  • Play an eclectic mix of music.
  • Let the good times roll.

This was as true in Victorian times as it is on the farm, in the halls of power, and at the end of the cul-de-sac in a suburb near you right now. 

Here’s How to Party Like It’s 1999

It seems that with the march of progress, everything has become more complicated and convoluted. Nothing is just easy and fun. Comedy comes with an uncomfortable bite because everybody feels bitten by something these days. Everyone needs a counselor to deal with a secret pain. Just beneath the surface of our Instagram smiles lurk demons that torment us day and night. Nothing is either simple or fun without asterisks. If you are feeling that way, then it’s time for a party. If you need an occasion, just make something up, then do the following:

Here’s How to Party Like It’s 1999

Go Vintage

The reason we have vintage-themed parties is partly to have a connection with our recent past. It is not just a way of acknowledging where we came from but remembering and rekindling a bygone time that seemed simpler and more fun. We get to escape the present concerns that weigh us down and live in a moment where those concerns didn’t exist for us.

Don’t bother setting a specific decade for the theme, just make it vintage and let everyone define it for themselves. You can enhance the scene by including a turntable for those vinyl masterpieces from yesteryear. You can still buy them in music stores today. The more interesting turntables can play vinyl, cassettes, and even CDs. They even carry old-fashioned AM/FM radio stations.

When you go with a product like that, it doesn’t matter how your guests define vintage. They can bring their favorite CD, cassette, or record to the mix and do the dance that was all the craze when that album was played on all the waves. By going vintage, but without being too specific, your party can be all-inclusive. That is always a good thing and something we need more of right now.

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Prepare the Right Snacks

It is not a party without party snacks. And of course, those snacks have to be accompanied by party drinks. Here’s the thing, though: Those party drinks don’t all have to be alcoholic. Parties were not always a vehicle for hiding or creating casual alcoholism. You will find that the coffee, soda, and juice will be equally well-received by partygoers. 

Safety has to be a concern because everyone has to either drive home or sleep it off at their place. Do you have accommodations for that? If there are minors at the party, alcohol is a complication that has to be carefully managed. There will also be plenty of adults who don’t drink. You need to have something more than tap water on offer. Give the same consideration to snacks. You might want to avoid peanuts altogether for the sake of those with peanut allergies. Include something gluten-free and something safe for diabetics. That way, it can be a party for everyone.

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Establish Quiet Spaces

In the main room, turn up the radio and let the head-banging commence into the wee hours. But as a host, you also need to provide an alternative space where people can go to enjoy a little quiet conversation with their friends. Dancing shoes have to eventually come off and give those weary feet a rest as guests catch their breath and clear their heads. If it is just a single cavern of chaos, it will become fatiguing, even for veteran party-goers. So be sure they have a place to discreetly retreat to when they feel the need. Also, provide plenty of aspirin for the inevitable headache from all that head-banging.

If you want to party like it’s 1999 and temporarily flee the cares of 2021, then there are many opportunities to do so. Simply go vintage, get your snack on, and provide an alternate space where your guests can easily refuel, and you’ll be ringing in 2022 just like it was Y2K. We hope that this Here’s How to Party Like It’s 1999 post inspires you. Happy planning!

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