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Mother’s Day in Hollywood

Mother's Day in Hollywood Gift Bag


Stars, they're just like us. They love spending time with their families, going out to brunch, and of course, their mother's day baskets. This year, an exclusive list of 25 women including Jennifer Lawrence, Mandy Moore, and Emma Roberts have received a $17,000 gift basket filled with all types of amazing goodies! Below we break down a few of the companies that were included in this exclusive basket curated by Distinctive Assets.


Baketifity is, as the name suggests, a baking company. The kit comes with all of the dry ingredients needed for the recipe already portioned out. The boxes come in a wide variety from cookies to cake, they literally have it all. Baktivity makes for a great family activity as well as a gift for mom.


Byroe is a skin care company that has been featured in gift baskets from events such as The Grammys. Their most popular set, makes sure you're red carpet ready for every event you attend. Byroe makes skincare easy while staying cruelty and paraben-free.

The Chai Box

The Chai Box is an online store centered around their love of chai. Who doesn't love chai? I know I do. From spices and blends to accessories and gift sets, The Chai Box has something for every Chai lover.

Cocovaa Chocolatier

Cocovaa Chocolatier is an award winning fine chocolate company based in the USA. Their wide range of flavors and snacks is impressive. These beautifully designed chocolates taste just as good as they look. Cocovaa has turned chocolate into a true art form.

Color Street

Color Street is the perfect gift for every nail lover. Their wide range of designs and colors assure that you will find the perfect set. They make coloring your nails easier than ever with their no-cure needed stick-on nails. 

It's A Sign

It's A Sign is a gratitude journal that is sure to help your mental health. They made this journal since there are memorable moments in every day that deserve to be remembered.

Little Elska

Little Elska has the perfect gifts for your little ones. They have everything from stuffed animals to blankets, and the best part… they're personalized! These gifts arent only cute, but they are cuddly as well.


Nutrifit proved healthy and diet meals online. Their wide range of options makes every day unique. They make sure that healthy food still tastes good.


Quest nutrition bars are perfect for everyone. They are loaded with protein and healthy ingredients. Quest has also recently come out with new items such as pizza and cookies.

Rose Box NYC

Rose Box NYC is a luxury rose company that makes long-lasting rose bouquets that require no maintenance. This makes the perfect gift for any wedding, mother's day, anniversary, or special occasion.

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