Health and Beauty Benefits of Rosewater Rose water spray

Health and Beauty Benefits of Rosewater

Health and Beauty Benefits of RosewaterHealth and Beauty Benefits of Rosewater

If you have never used Rosewater or Rose Water (the first is correct but both spellings are used on Google) then you are missing out. Rosewater has so many outstanding benefits including things that can benefit your health, anti-aging, and even ramp up your beauty regime. I have been using rosewater for a couple years now for various things and I can tell you, it has made a world of difference in my life. I love it personally because I have several uses for it and it is so versatile. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of the outstanding benefits Rosewater can do for you and sharing with all of you my personal favorite Rosewater that I use on a  day to day basis. We hope that you love these Health and Beauty Benefits of Rosewater.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Rosewater

Makeup Primer/Setting Spray

Rosewater helps to balance the pH of your skin which makes it a perfect product to use with makeup because applying products to your face can really affect your pH and cause skin issues. Rose water can help to clear up those imperfections and maintain your healthy skin.

Wound Care

Rosewater contains antibacterial properties that can actually help to heal any wounds, cuts, or scrapes you may have. If you are a mom you  know kids fall down and get cuts and scrapes all the time. Rosewater is a great natural alternative to a topical ointment that can help speed up the healing process for those boo-boos.

Skin Care Toner

So Rosewater helps balance the pH of your skin and it also contains astringents making it the perfect toner to complete your skin care routine. Toner is an important part of cleansing your face, instead of purchasing a really expensive toner you can use your Rosewater toner to get the same awesome results.


Because Rosewater contains antioxidants, it is great for helping your skin stay fresh, moisturized, and renewed to keep your skin looking young, healthy, and glowing. Simply start incorporating Rosewater into your skincare routine and I promise you will notice a huge difference in the appearance of your skin.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Rosewater

Helps Your Hair

There are claims that Rosewater for hair stabilizes your hair’s pH balance because its pH is similar to that of hair.  Rosewater  naturally conditions, moisturizes and soothes your scalp.


Finally, one of the final things I use my Rosewater for is to help me relax and sleep at night. A lot of people use the scent of lavender or peppermint oil on their pillows at night to help them rest peacefully, I personally use my Rosewater. I just do a quick spritz on my pillow before bed and I personally think it makes a huge difference in the quality of my sleep at night.

How to incorporate rosewater into your hair care regimen

Rose water can be used in shampoos, conditioners, or just in a spray bottle or spritzer. It is completely up to you because there are several ways to benefit from the amazing water. We'll tell you about some great ways to get rose water into your hair care regimen, but first let’s show you a few easy ways to make it: Rosewater DIY // Rosewater recipe.

As you can see, Rosewater is extremely versatile and can be used for so many things. My personal favorite brand of Rosewater is the Mario Badescu Rose Water spray which also happens to be one of the highest rated on Amazon. I just think it is a great product and I have never had any issues with it and it's very affordable. Another bonus is that not only is it rose water but it is also infused with aloe and other herbs to make the benefits that much better. I have gone through several bottles of this little spray and always have it with me. We hope that you are inspired by this Health and Beauty Benefits of Rosewater post.

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  1. I’ve heard a lot about rose water, but never tried it myself. I really need to add it into my skincare regimen because it seems like it’s very beneficial for the skin and hair!

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  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Honestly, I have never tried to use Rosewater oil as my skin regimen but knowing these benefits that I will get from it I think I need to start using this product.

  4. Kiwi

    I love rose water for beauty regimen. I used to make my own and i want to make more to use for my face.

  5. Naz

    I grew up not liking rosewater, but this has definitely changed my mind.

  6. I knew Rosewater is very healthy but I didn’t know half of the benefits you mentioned! Thank you!

  7. I love rose water – it has so many uses and benefits! I always use it as a primer and a toner.

  8. I used to have a rose water cooling spray that I loved. I ran out, and never replaced it. Now I need to go and find it again. It was a lovely thing.

  9. Alexandra

    I adore rosewater, but you have certainly made me aware of even more benefits today. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Rosewater smells so good! I’ve even used it for cooking. I love the smell of roses so I’d love any beauty products that use rosewater

  11. It’s amazing how versatile rose water is. I didn’t realise you could also use it for hair care.

  12. I’ve heard a lot about rose water, but never tried it myself. But I never knew of so many benefits.

  13. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Wow, rose water oil looks really amazing. I have never tried that but I think I need to start using it as it has a lot of benefits that can give to me.

  14. eli

    I haven’t even heard of rosewater but now it looks like something I definitely need in my life. Could use whatever I can to take care of this hair haha

  15. Jess Scull

    I LOVE rosewater! It’s definitely a staple in my routine

  16. i have seen rosehips in many beauty and skincare products. but, never rose water. this is pretty interesting!

  17. Rosewater sounds like a pretty great decision to use! It looks like a really great product!

  18. Surekha Busa

    I have never tried to use this oil and it looks like a good one to try, will definitely buy this and try using it.

  19. Anne Marie

    My sister always loved Rosewater as a light fragrance, but I had no idea there were so many other benefits. I will be sharing this with her!

  20. I also love the Mario Badescu Rose water! I knew it was good for my skin but I didn’t know all these benefits, thank you for the info!

  21. I’m definitely going to invest in some rose water after reading this. I had no idea it’s also good for anti ageing and relaxation too. A very insightful post!

  22. Allison Cooper

    I need to start buying this! I’ve been really into essential oils lately and it’s included in a lot of great DIY projects that I plan on making. So many amazing benefits!

  23. Amy

    I have never  tried rose water before. I could use so refreshing antioxidants! 

  24. Kathy

    Sounds like there are a lot of great benefits. I’ll have to check these out. I love trying out new products.

  25. I need to try rosewater! Apparently I’ve been missing out! I’m a huge fan of products that do multiple things and rosewater sounds super versatile!

  26. I had no idea rosewater was such a useful product! I’ve never tried a makeup setter, but that’s awesome it works for that and wound care!

  27. Catalina

    I’ve never used rosewater before. I’ve heard about it, but I am so glad to find out more details about it from your post. Now I know I have to try it!

  28. This is great to know! I have been hearing about rosewater but I didn’t really try it. Thanks for the sharing this. Would love to give it a try!

  29. Very helpful article. Rose water has always been my holy grail <3

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