Beauty Hacks Achieving the perfect lip Divine Lifesyle Beauty Blogger

Beauty Hacks: Achieving the perfect lip

Beauty Hacks Achieving the perfect lip

Beauty Hacks Achieving the perfect lip

Sometimes, having the perfect lip is essential for really making your whole make up look! Our Beauty Hacks: Achieving the perfect lip will help you make  The first step for any beautiful lips is to start with a great exfoliator to remove any dry or flaky skin. I am dying to try out the Pure Fiji Creme Scrub in Pineapple.

What size are your lips?

Not everyone has perfect lips, some have small lips that wish they had fuller lips, some have really full lips that wish they had smaller lips. With the help of a little makeup you can achieve the PERFECT lip!

Fuller Lips

To make fuller lips appear smaller, take a concealer or foundation go inside the vermilion border of your lips, then simply color in the rest of your lips with your lip choice. This makes the lips appear smaller.

Smaller Lips

To make smaller lips look fuller, take your lip color outside of your lip line, as long as you do this is in the shape of your natural lip, no one will ever know that your lips aren't really that big!

Lasting Lip Color

How to make your lip color last: First, line your lips, fill in the desired color, blot with a tissue, go over your lips with a powder, do one more coat of your chosen lip color, and there you have it! All day long lasting lips!

What type of skin tone do you have?

When it comes to choosing the correct color for your lips, it's all based on skin tone!

Fair Skin Tones

Stick with nudes and peachy colors, for a really done up out of this world look, you can use a bright red but it is not recommended for everyday wear. Stay away from really dark browns or purples, it's too contrasting.

Medium Skin Tones

Medium toned skin such as those who have olive tones is the “ideal” skin tone meaning that you can pretty much pull off any color and look fabulous! You don't have to worry much about staying away from any certain colors. Live it up and have fun!

Dark Skin Tones

Try orange or coral lip shades, they look great with darker skin and give you a great burst of color that draws attention to your beauty! Stay away from really pale pinks and nudes.
We hope that you enjoyed our Beauty Hacks Achieving the perfect lip.

What is your favorite lipstick shade and who makes it? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Hi Stacie,

    Awesome beauty hacks to enhance the beauty of lip, I much appreciate you for sharing such wonderful lip beauty tip. Everyone wants to admire their lip by other. Therefore, they try through many ways to adjust their lip’s beauty. But I must recommend these lip beauty hacks for them, to get a perfect beauty of lip.

    As a person, I wish to have a smaller lips, it really best in look. This post is good to know everyone who are confused to enhance their lip beauty. There is no need to worry if you haven’t a nice looking lip but going through this beauty hack, you can easily get a wonderful looking lip.

    It’s really surprising for me, because having the perfect knowledge of beauty tips may help to be a HERO in front of women and girls. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep sharing such interesting post.
    – Ravi.

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