4 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy
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4 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy

4 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Everyone longs for having those long, luscious locks. Do you ever feel like your hair isn’t growing? You get to that awkward stage and then your hair just stops?

If you color your hair, I’m sure you notice your roots coming in but your ends aren’t getting any longer, right? Well the tips below will explain everything to you.

Having long hair and healthy hair go hand in hand. It is important for your hair to be healthy in order for it to grow and be long. Here are a few tips on howto keep your hair healthy:

1. First and most important, CUT YOUR HAIR FREQUENTLY!

I know that cutting your hair in order to make it long is pretty contradicting. However cutting your hair the recommended 6-8 weeks is the best way to remain having your hair healthy. With today's world we all color our hair, flat iron and curl it, and use products! Too much of these things can weaken our locks and require our ends to split.

If you don’t get those ends cut off the start as a small split and then over time it will continue to split all the way up the hair shaft causing a huge amount of damage.

2. Refrain from coloring your hair too much.

If you must, only color it every 6-8 weeks. Semi/Demi permanent colors are much easier on your hair than permanent hair colors and lighteners. I highly suggest if you are keeping your hair the same color, DO NOT keep coloring over all of your hair every time! Just do your roots and maybe once every two or three times, pull it through for a color refresh.

Constantly recoloring your hair over and over not only causes damage to the hair strand, but it also makes it much more difficult to break through that color the next time you want to change your color up.

3. Try cutting back on hot tools.

Letting your hair air-dry is the best option for drying your hair. I always just give my hair a little towel dry and then allow it to air dry the rest of the way. I know some people’s hair MUST be blow-dried in order for it to lay the correct way, so if you do blow-dry make sure you are using a concentrator on your hairdryer to avoid direct heat and keep away from high heats. Straightening and curling your hair everyday is doing you absolutely not good for your hair.

Instead of performing one of these actions on your hair everyday try doing no heat styles. For example, while your hair is wet braid it and let it dry, you’re left with beautiful waves and it didn't require any heat. You can also do the famous hair scrunch, also a very pretty no heat style. If and when you do use hot tools be sure that you are using a heat protectant every time.

4. Try not to wash your hair everyday.

Only wash hair as much as it requires. Washing your hair too much can strip your hair of the natural oils that it needs to stay healthy and also cause it to get dry and damaged.

Dry shampoos are a great option for second or third day hair; it removes the oiliness of your hair as well as provides it with volume. If you don’t want to spend the money on a dry shampoo, another great and much cheaper option for this product is baby powder! If you simply sprinkle some baby powder on the oily sections of your hair and just brush it through, it soaks up a lot of the oils and provides you with a great option for not washing your hair.

These are just a few tips for keeping your hair healthy. Taking these small steps forward will show you an awesome improvement in the health of your hair and you will be on the road to having long, beautiful hair in no time.

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