Glamping: How to Discover France while enjoying Nature

Glamping: How to Discover France while enjoying Nature

Glamping: How to Discover France while enjoying NatureGlamping: How to Discover France while enjoying Nature

Tired of being locked inside, in your home and at work? Maybe it is time for you to take a holiday, away from the stress of the big city. There is no better solution to all your problems then to head to France for a glamping trip. You can travel around the country and sleep close to nature. Here is what you need to know about these new and popular accommodations.

What is Glamping?

Imagine going to sleep in the middle of a field, as you look up at the stars, before finally closing your eyes to dream of other worlds, in the arms of your loved one. Quite romantic, isn’t it? But maybe a little uncomfortable… Not anymore though, as this is what glamping aims to provide, in full luxury. It places you in a natural environment, so that you can enjoy its beauty, all the while enjoying also the amenities that make life comfortable. If you like the idea, then let's go glamping with AbracadaRoom.

You can find yourself in la Provence, surrounded by the purple of the lavender and the yellow of the sunflower, listening to crickets sing loudly. To see and experience this picture in full day is beautiful, but to go through the night immerged in it, is even more wonderful. In fact, once you have tried it, it becomes very difficult to travel differently.

What do the Accommodations look like?

Since glamping is all about celebrating the glory of nature, most materials used to create the accommodations are ecological, such as wood and canvas. It can be a room created on top of or around a tree, a cabin in the middle of the woods or even a tipi, like the ones American Indian lived in. They are built to provide you with the full sensation of living within nature and being a part of it.

But glamping is made of two words. The second one is explained quite well in the previous description of the accommodations, as it relates to “camping.” But what about the first part of the word? “Glam” stands for glamour. That is because when you are out glamping, you do it in style and comfort. In fact some of the locations of glamping, in France, can definitely be considered as luxurious, thanks to little extras, such as spas and massages. A comfortable bed, private bathrooms and your own espresso coffee machine should convince you of the high level of these accommodations. It is a unique way to discover France, since you can find them in 82 locations around the country. Ready for glamping?

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