A Night out in London Dining & Music
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A Night out in London: Dining & Music

A Night out in London Dining & MusicA Night out in London Dining & Music

Have you had a A Night out in London with Dining & Music? The actual number of clubs and restaurants in London is an ever-shifting as establishments open and close. The best estimate places the number at 3343 for the former and over 16000 of the latter, without accounting for a certain amount of overlap. A quick mental calculation then shows that a hungry and thirsty diner could spend fifty years of generally pleasurable time visiting a different one each day.

A traveler, however, does not have fifty years at his or her disposal, else-wise one ceases to be a traveler and instead is a resident, and likely a rather chubby one at that. So, the question is, where does one begin? Here are three suggestions for evening pleasure: haute cuisine, modestly priced family meal, and live music.


For complete gastronomic nirvana, L'Atelier de Joel Rubuchon may well be the British capital's finest restaurant for haute cuisine. Located in Covent Garden, quite near the famed Opera House, one might wish to dig into La Truffle (black truffle risotto with parmesan shavings), La Caille (quail stuffed with foie gras and mashed potatoes – this is England after all) and finished off with Le Chocolat Tendance (a creamy chocolate mousse, bitter sorbet, and an Oreo cookie crumble). Do bring a credit card or two as that meal just listed will set one back £86, and the wines haven't even been ordered.

Well, perhaps haute cuisine isn't on the palate. Who doesn't like Chinese food if it is exceptionally well done? The Silk Road restaurant in London's South East specializes in dishes from north-west China's Xinjiang province and will feed two people quite comfortably with drinks for about £30. The noodles and stews are especially recommended.

Music and Entertainment

Now that the belly is full, it is time for a bit of fun! The Rolling Stones, John Mayall and Eric Clapton all speak (and play to) London's great love of American Blues music. Currently, the hottest place in town to go is The Blues Kitchen found in Camden. With a combination of jam sessions, major players on weekend evenings, and relaxed jazz on Sunday afternoons, all the best music is served up hot in the Kitchen and closes any day in the best possible fashion. Enjoy your Night out in London with Dining & Music. Happy travels!

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  1. ellen beck

    That would be something to go to London. The history there would be my interest. I realize they had rebuilding, but there is still so much to see. I think I would go see the lesser known bands since a lot of bands begin there!

  2. Rosie

    yeaow! I’d love to take a trip to London and enjoy the dining and music. It would be great to have a residence there, and actually live there (as I’ve read many wealthy ppl have brought properties but don’t occupy them, as investments).

  3. Robin rue

    My sister was just in London and had a BLAST. it made me seriously jealous 😒 

  4. That sounds like an amazing time. I’ve always wanted to visit London. Well, actually England in general.

  5. Pam

    The Silk Road sounds like my kind of food for a night out, I love Chinese food so much!

  6. Cacinda

    It has been years since I travelled to London but I always enjoy the live music.

  7. Meagan

    I would love to visit London. It just looks so beautiful.

  8. I would be super excited to plan a night out in London. Dinner somewhere nice and then a show would be amazing!

  9. Oh London! One of the best cities I’ve traveled to. I wish I could stay and live there for the rest of my existence on earth! The food is always great and the people are always warm and friendly.

  10. This sounds amazing! I’ve never tried these before but it seems really exciting! Adding it to our bucket list!

  11. London and its great music history is a great lure but give me that black truffle risotto and I will keep coming back. Thanks for that mini tour and another place I have to go to.

  12. We have been to London before, as we have a close cousin living there.
    I will keep this article for our next visit.

  13. London is on my travel bucket list. I can’t wait to try some of their cuisine and take in a live show too!

  14. London is on my list to visit this year. I am enthralled with how many places are available to visit in just dining alone! I love trying new places!

  15. I hope to one day take my kids to visit London. It seems that there are so many things to see and do.

  16. Rosey

    I haven’t heard of the Blues Kitchen. I would love to visit though. London is always a favorite for vacation.

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