Literary Tours in Paris France
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Literary Tours in Paris, France

Literary Tours in Paris France

Literary Tours in Paris, France

There are so many reasons to do some travel in Paris, anyone that loves love, loves art, culture, food and then there are the book lovers. For many, Paris is the ultimate literary destination, filled with book havens, famous homes of authors, places of inspiration and author hangouts. If you are a lover of books, there are so many different ways to tour and see the city, depending on what you like best, but there will always be a few must see destinations around Paris that everyone has to pass through.

To help you put together a literary tour of the city of Paris, these are just some of the great places that you should add to your travel itinerary.


A Paris staple, I think Le Procope has attracted more authors than any other single destination or cafe in the world. It was a popular hangout for men of the Enlightenment and its popularity grew based on the prior clientele that it attracted. Everyone from Voltaire to Hugo has enjoyed a cup of coffee here and Le Procope still pours cups, meals, and its own line of sorbet.


At the Cafe de la Paix, most of the patrons are going to be hotel guests or opera patrons, so its a nice mix of tourist and locals. It was the opera that attracted a lot of the creative and philosophical writers that dined here post show. Not only can you say you dined at the same place Proust ate at, but hundreds of contemporary and breakout writers that have been to Paris over the years have added this spot to their list of must dos.


Fans of Hemingway, or anyone that has read a book of his, need to stop at the author’s favorite spot in Paris. Located in the Ritz, the bar actually bears his name now, making it easy to identify. This bar actually makes it into two books that Hemingway penned, and he was fond of telling people about his favorite spot. During the time Hemingway made this his temporary office, many writers and authors passed through, and even more have been here since. Before Hemingway, famous authors that stayed at the hotel or dined in the bar included Orson Welles and Capote.


Not the original Shakespeare & Company, but the original owner handed the name over to a fellow bookish business minded person. This bookstore is the favorite of authors, writers, publishers and book lovers. The collection here has something for everyone, and if you don’t necessarily know what you are looking for, even better because the staff always has something in mind for anyone that walks through their doors. Shakespeare & Company also hosts an annual literary festival, Festivalandco in the summers.


A literary haven, the American Library in Paris was originally established to provide some reading material to soldiers serving overseas. Its now the largest English language library in Europe and is open to all. There are hundreds of tomes for research and reference, and literary events and meetings organized and held by both the library and its patrons. For an expat writer living in Paris, the library can be a great place to get to know the city, locals and other expats.

We hope you have learned something from our Literary Tours in Paris France guide.

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  1. Hello, We are book club based in Henley-on-Thames, UK. We are considering a 2 day walking literary tour of Paris in 2015. Our club consists mainly of retired people with a proliferation of ladies. There would be approximately 20 people in the tour, with emphasis on the more well know writers, say Hemmingway, Scott Fitzgerald and others. We would require an English speaking guide conversant with the above.
    Is this something you could provide?
    Thanks Richard.

  2. robin rue

    My husband would LOVE to take a literary tour ANYWHERE. I will look into it if we ever make it out that way.

  3. I would love to take a literary tour of France. The american Library in Paris sounds like the perfect place for a book lover to visit!

  4. One of my friends went to a literary festival in Paris and had the most amazing time, she really made me want to go as well.

  5. Literary tours are the coolest. I took a local literary tour once, and it was quite interesting. I’d love to do the same in Paris.

  6. Jeanine

    How cool!i would love to take a literary  tour especially  something like this in paris! How fun!

  7. This entire post makes my heart pitter-patter! Paris is at the top of my travel bucket list and I am a huge literature fan, especially Hemingway.

  8. Pam

    These are all so cool. We have visited Hemingway’s house (with the Hemingway cats) so visiting Bar Hemingway would be cool.

  9. It would be so cool to check out Le Procope and see the place for myself. Going to Hemingway’s favorite spot would be amazing too.

  10. I have always wanted to go to Paris, but doing a literary tour while there? Yes, please! These all sound incredible!

  11. Monica

    I’m dreaming of Paris! My husband ans I will take a “big” trip next year and Paris is on our list. A literary tour would be fabulous and I love what you’ve mapped out.

  12. I would love to travel and experience this one day. What a great trip!

  13. This is a good article subject to write about.
    We often do not see such specifics when looking online for trips to foreign lands.

  14. This is a great list! I can’t wait to visit all these the next time we travel to Paris!

  15. There’s so much in Paris that is cool. A literary tour would be cool. Speaking of Hemingway, we visited a bodega in Cuba where he used to visit and drink mojitos. Isn’t that cool?

  16. Paris is a must-see before I die! I really want go and bring my girls when they are older and can really appreciate it. 

  17. My Teen Guide

    Paris is in our 2017 travel list. I am so excited to go and visit for the 3rd time. I will have to make sure I go on a literary tour. That would be so great!

  18. Dana Vento

    Paris is my number 1 country that I am totally what I want to travel. I am amazed of course of the Tower in Paris. This is an exciting post.

  19. Michelle Waller

    I have always wanted to visit Paris, and it is the number one on my list. I would want to visit all of these literacy places.

  20. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Oh wow! Thanks for the list. I have to include a literary tour in itinerary for my next trip to Paris. I would love to visit the Bar Hemmingway!

  21. Great tour information for Paris. I would love to do a literary tour its definitely an addition to just going to the Eiffel tower.

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