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7 Ways To Transform Camping Into A Glamping Experience

Camping Into A Glamping Experience

7 Ways To Transform Camping Into A Glamping Experience


Are you bored of going on the same camping trip and experiencing the ordinary stuff there? It’s time to reinvent your camping experience with glam. You can do a lot to sprinkle luxe on your camping trip and enjoy every moment spent outdoors.


Glamping is becoming the new trend in outdoor experiences that adds to the satisfaction of being out in the woods. To transform your camping, you must research the current practices, such as luxury yurts for high-end glamping, and review your budget to suit the new plans.


Creating memories from your camping trips and being eager for the next uniquely planned glamping is crucial. Hence, here are seven ways to transition from regular camping into a lifetime glamping experience.


1. Elevate Your Tents And Yurt


When shopping for a tent to use in your camping adventure, you must first consider the height and ensure that you can walk upright. You’ll avoid backaches and joint pains resulting from walking or moving in a crouched position.


Once at a camping site or resort, it’s crucial to pitch your tent on an elevated surface to beat the wet ground in the morning or when it rains while there. You must also ensure that the capacity or size of the tent provides space for two if you’re a couple or have more camping partners. 


2. Pack Comfort From Home


Glamping combines two aspects of living—luxury and outdoors—that should not compromise comfort. You want to feel at home away from home, and a better way to achieve this is to pack essential items such as bedding, rugs, portable furniture, and other decorations.


So, you must be willing to invest in your camping experience and achieve glam through stylish engineered supplies. Ensure that you have a good night’s sleep, similar to what you’d have at home.


3. Let There Be Light


Use twinkling lights to make the time spent outdoors magical and safe throughout your camping trip. It is crucial to carry some candles to light up your tent or yurt, but you must also consider fire safety issues if you fall asleep while it’s still burning. Alternatively, get solar lights to provide light around your campsite and use the candles on your dinner table. 


4. Dining Area Is Vital


Glamping means doing away with the ordinary and taking your experiences to the next level. Being able to eat your meal at a table is not going overboard but taking time to enjoy your time in the woods.


You’ll avoid taking your meals around the campfire while trying to balance your plate in your hands. Look for simplicity by getting foldable tables and chairs to complement the setup. Also, pack some cutlery, your favorite plates, and napkins to enhance your glamping experience.


5. Bring Entertainment


When you’re thinking about entertainment, technological advancements offer several options to improve your glamping plans. You may want to explore outdoor recreation by carrying a projector for your movie sessions coupled with popcorn or candy.


Alternatively, you can plan outdoor games within your glamping space or read a book and drink wine while enjoying soft music. It helps to relax your mind and remove the monotony of traditional camping.


6. Cook As much As Possible


Typically, camping requires packed food due to several underlying factors, like safety issues relating to bushfires and environmental protection concerns. On the other hand, glamping is reinventing the wheel of traditional camping by allowing you to cook in a designated area.


You can cook your favorite meals and bring the feeling of eating at a restaurant. Simply carry coolers and a stove with a couple of burners, and research recipes to try out, cook, and enjoy.


7. Privacy Matters


After doing all that transformation, it’s crucial to consider privacy while in the bush and protect the environment. Ensure you have an area to take bathroom breaks or shower as you become one with nature. 


For instance, a portable hot shower can help you bathe in a private tent using a solar-charged panel to heat the water. You’ll always take a shower whenever you feel like it and enjoy your adventure.


Final Thoughts


Traditional camping is becoming obsolete as people are looking for exciting ideas to have an incredible experience in the bush. Glamping is soon becoming a niche venture that brings a different twist to campers looking to have fun outdoors. It gives you the power to incorporate luxury into your camping experience by picking what provides comfort to you while in the woods.

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