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Fireworks and Flashlights

We love this time of year and my children especially love the 4th of July. Not only for the fireworks but my son (he is eight) is also fascinated by the history of our country and really loves the meaning behind the holiday. Well that and the fireworks.

Safety is always a concern of mine when it comes to fireworks and pretty much anything with my children. For some reason, my kids are always begging us to buy fireworks and frankly, they scare me. I don't like lighting them and I am always afraid something is going to happen.

This year we did something a little different. We booked a hotel room in our city. Not that far from our house, actually. But what was really great about the hotel is that it faced the mall that hosts the largest fireworks display in the state.

The show was amazing. My kids got to play with flashlights while we all sat in the dark watching the long, bright, sparkly show.

Flashlights are actually a great way for your children to put on their own light show without all of the hassle, danger or expense of fireworks.

And it is not that we don't like fireworks but they worry me and I really think that it is something that should be left up to the professionals.

You can put on a light show during a campout, play flashlight tag, tell scary stories, light the way to your destination and more.

So grab some flashlights and get your kids to put on a light show for you. You'd be surprised at how much they have and how creative they can be!

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  1. Little man is too young still, but a great idea for one day.

  2. I miss those days of being a kid playing with flashlights! Now they’re great for fixing and finding. I need to go camping!

  3. They scare me too, but I do love the shows in the sky!

  4. I love fireworks when they’re FAR away …. I’m another who is scared of them (even sparklers) when up close!

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