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HP Envy X2 Review

HP Envy x2The HP Envy x2 is HP's take on a common solution for users that want the portability of a tablet PC, but the functionality and ease of use of a laptop: the convertible laptop. These devices feature a tablet containing the core system and screen, with an attachable keyboard base. This makes such computers ideal for users that want both a tablet and a laptop, but lack the space or budget to have both. They're also good solutions for users that want a consistent experience across their tablet and laptop, without needing to transfer files.

The HP Envy x2's base model features a 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, 2 GB of LPDDR2 memory, and comes with a 64 GB solid-state drive as its main storage. The Envy gets about 7 hours on average for a full battery charge, according to HP. Built-in 802.11 wireless support means that this device is internet-ready out of the box. The unit boasts an 11-inch, high-resolution screen.

This convertible laptop is part of Microsoft's initiative to push their reasonably new OS, Windows 8. Windows 8 was built largely with touchscreen devices in mind, and because of that, it's at home on convertible laptops. The OS is designed to take advantage of the portable nature of convertible laptops such as the Envy, and because of that, features like multi-touch gestures are widely supported. This makes watching movies, taking pictures, and organizing open windows more user-friendly.

HP Envy x2 TabletThe Envy x2 features an 11-inch screen at high-definition resolution, (1366*768 pixels) and two cameras. One is mounted above the screen, designed to stream 1080p video for internet chatting. The other is located on the back of the Envy x2, and is capable of taking photos at resolutions of 8 megapixels. HP's Envy x2 was pretty clearly designed to appeal to users looking for a multimedia device.

This product also features NFC technology. This is another recent development in mobile communications that connects things like a user's name and bank account information to his or her mobile device. This makes possible features like buying products online, sharing photos and schedules with friends, and other social networking features. In addition to this, as a Windows 8 device, the Envy x2 is capable of syncing one Microsoft account to multiple Windows 8-powered computers. This means that photos, videos, music, and other important files are instantly made available across all of a single user's Windows 8 devices with the help of included applications.

Finally, there's unique functionality in the physical device itself. The Envy x2 features a separate battery in the tablet itself, and its keyboard dock, extending the entire package's battery life significantly.

Overall, the HP Envy x2 is a multimedia-focused convertible laptop, designed to provide as much entertainment as possible in a small form factor.


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