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Sleep Intelligently with the intelliBED Mattress Technology

Mattress Couple sleeping

My husband and I take our mattress seriously. When we buy a mattress, we do so after a lot of research, reading online reviews and asking friends. When we purchased our last mattress, it took us a few months to decide what we were going to get. We did a lot of looking around.

One of the things that I really wanted to research was dust mites. I thought that we needed to learn more and to find out how they affect mattresses. I also wanted to know more about the technology behind mattresses. I wanted to know how they were made and what made each mattress worth owning. For instance, my husband gets hot when he sleeps so we need a mattress that doesn't trap heat. We also need a very soft, comfortable mattress as neither one of us prefer a firm mattress.

Intellibed Mattress 2

This year, we are partnering with intelliBED to revolutionize our sleep. We are doing all kinds of DIY projects this year including making over our entire master bedroom. We are currently reviewing an intelliBED – Relief Perfect Latex mattress. We are pretty pleased so far, have slept on it for one week and while I am not ready to review it yet, stay tuned for an upcoming post.

Our dream master bedroom is below. This is just the beginning of a plan and it starts with a new mattress. I cannot wait to share our progress.

Bedroom in modern style, 3d image

In this post we want to talk about the technology behind a mattress. Did you know that mattress technology has evolved? In the past 20 years, mattresses have evolved into something that really is interesting. With intelliBED, the only real gel mattress in the world, you can improve your sleep by 25 percent. How great is that?

Intellibed Mattress 3

intelliBED has pioneered the Gel mattress and offers a superior mattress over memory foam due to “its ability to absorb pressure points and maintain proper alignment and support.” Since many mattresses are primarily made with foam, you will find sagging up to 25% after two years plus poor sleeping posture and alignment.

“A sagging mattress is the number one culprit for sleep-related back pain.”

This is important to know. For years, if I got a bad night's sleep, I blamed it on something else. For instance I would say that I went to bed too late or had caffeine too close to bed time. It never occurred to me that our mattress was causing us to not to sleep well. One day when I was changing the sheets, I really noticed the sag and began to research our next mattress that night.

intelliBED’s intelli-Gel means that there is zero sag, optimal alignment and your spine is supported. I could tell a difference after one night. “The column buckling technology remains firm to support weight until it senses a pressure point, where it relaxes to relieve the pressure and redistribute the weight.”

See that picture at the top? That is what how I envision sleeping afterwards in our new master bedroom retreat. Unfortunately we are a lot like this now:

Mattress Couple Not Sleeping



Through the end of February, you will receive a set of Dream Fit Bamboo Cotton Quilted Sheets (a $250 value) in addition to a 10% discount on any purchase with my exclusive code code. intelliBED customers have been raving about these sheets and in fact, are one of their most sought-after bed accessories.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My mattress is lumpy, so I could really use a new one. This one sounds amazing!

  2. The dream room is GORGEOUS!! My husband has awful back problems. I think this would be a great option.

  3. SCORE, free sheets! My husband is having back problems and ‘new mattress’ is in his vocabulary.

  4. I would for sure sleep soundly on one of these. Intelli-gel sounds like it’s awesome.

  5. Oh this Sounds great. If we hadn’t of just gotten a new mattress not too long ago I would be all over this!

  6. Sounds like a great mattress! Not in the market for one right now, but I’ll keep this in mind for the future!

  7. My husband has great taste (I mean, he picked me, right?). But I let him pick out our last mattress when I wasn’t with him. I’m counting down the years until it’s time to replace it.

  8. Wow…a smart bed! This is so cool…I can’t wait to hear how you’ll be sleeping.

  9. I’m going to have to check this out, I’ve been having trouble sleeping recently.

  10. Debbie Denny

    This sounds really comfy. Good info about it.

  11. What a lot of fun to try the different mattresses. I’m looking forward to your review.

  12. I really believe that there is nothing worse than a bad mattress. Your dream room looks lovely! I can’t wait to see it!

  13. I love anything that will help me get a better night’s sleep – and a better mattress will certainly do that. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I want your master bedroom too!! I definitely agree it all starts with a great mattress!

  15. We just bought a new mattress a couple years ago. So it is still in pretty good shape. We’ve been looking at the new adjustable sleep number bed but those things are soooo expensive.

    This mattress sounds super comfy. I’m loving the bedroom. I had to pin it. It so relaxing that I wouldn’t ever want to leave that room.

  16. This definitely looks like a great mattress. We need to start looking for a new one ourselves.

  17. That mattress looks amazing. I could deal with a great mattress and a good nights sleep.

  18. That dream master bedroom is DIVINE!

    Looking forward to your review of he mattress. We’ll be looking for a new bed soon.

  19. Lisa Bristol

    This looks like a great mattress. I am in the market for a new one. I will have to take a look at this brand.

  20. We could really use a new mattress….I’ll have to look into this bed!

  21. Kathy

    This sounds like an amazing mattress. I already want to get a new mattress. I’ve had mine for a few years. Sounds like it would be a very relaxing mattress.

  22. Ooh that bed looks heavenly! I would love one of those. Thanks!

  23. We take our mattress seriously too. We spend a lot of time of our life’s on a mattress. this one looks amazing

  24. I was waking up every single day full of aches and pains. Now that we have a new mattress I feel great! It makes such a difference!

  25. I love it. Improving my sleep by 5% I always thought would be rocking, but 25%? I didn’t realize mattresses had made such improvements

  26. The bed looks amazingly comfy! I had never heard of Intellibed before, but I definitely want to check it out! The room looks beautiful too!

  27. Thank you so much for sharing the info you found out about this mattress – we’ll be looking for a new one next year! And, I so love your dream bedroom and hoping to view your progress reaching it 🙂

  28. My s/o and I were just talking about getting a sleep number bed the next time we go mattress shopping. Our mattress is still in pretty good shape but I wouldn’t mind getting a new one.

  29. I am actually shopping for a new bed. This one sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  30. Your dream bedroom is gorgeous. We need more room, ours is too small and too crowded.

  31. I’m trying to comment but there is a pop up in front of the text box. I hope this works. Nice review the bed looks Uber – comfy

  32. Wow Stacie your bedroom is already beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  33. This sounds like an amazing mattress!!! I think this would be a great replacement mattress for anyone needing a new one.

  34. I need to get a new mattress but I will wait until I move this fall. Hope it lasts until then.

  35. That looks like a bed I could get all over. I am really in dire need of a new bed set. Maybe I will look more into this one. Thanks for all the information.

  36. This looks amazing!! We just bought a new mattress, but this would’ve been a great choice.

  37. Eliz Frank

    Having the right mattress is so important. I know the difference because the one I have now is not great for my back. I like the idea of the technology behind this one.

  38. courtney

    Ahhhh this maTress sounds pretty amazing!!!! I hate the mattress we have right now!

  39. Krystal

    We so desperately need a new mattress. This one looks SO awesome.

  40. My brother has experiencing back ache,I think that’s because of our mattress. Thanks for sharing, that sounds a great mattress. Keep sharing Stacie!

  41. Thanks for this post! This foam seems good and I need to see it for myself before putting my judgement first regarding the product. How was it?

  42. I love and hate mattress shopping. I love having a chore where you just get to go and lay down. But I also hate getting up and laying down 40 times. Not to mention how expensive mattresses are. But honestly, as expensive as they are, you spend a third of your life sleeping. So it’s worth spending an extra $400 on a mattress that is even slightly more comfortable than another one with a slightly better price tag.

  43. It must be comfortable to sleep on the mattress like yours. Thank you for your informative post.

  44. I really agree with everything you said! We shouldn’t just adjust our lifestyle to cope with sleeping dilemmas but we must also look into the very mattress in which we are sleeping! I think they go hand in hand in giving us the best sleeping experience. That’s the reason why we should give importance and attention to both!

  45. Wow…a smart bed! This is so cool…I can’t wait to hear how you’ll be sleeping.

  46. Very clear and succinct. Price of the mattress is only half the equation, most don’t think to figure how long the mattress will last as well.

  47. Looks like a worthy investment for a good sleep. I would add that regardless of the smart technology of the mattress, it has to be cleaned regularly so to avoid health issues. Thanks for sharing your own experience!

  48. I’ve read somwhere the mattress should be cleaned at least at 6 months and the matress should be changed at 10 years.

  49. Awesome story. I really need to invest also in a good mattress. I have my old mattress for almost 12 years now and it is still in a good condition. But I’m still planning to get a new one. Your tips helped me a lot. Thanks!

  50. There are some mattress technology that help us sleep soundly today. We always choose our mattress carefully. You need to clean your mattress frequently too.

  51. My husband has great taste (I mean, he picked me, right?). But I let him pick out our last mattress when I wasn’t with him. I’m counting down the years until it’s time to replace it.

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