Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm Beauty Product Do It Yourself

Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm

Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip BalmEasy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm

Making your own lip balm can sound like a much more daunting task than it truly is. If you have never made any sort of DIY beauty products before, then I hope with this easy beauty recipe you will become a regular at it because not only does it take very little time, but it saves you money and it really is fun to make for gifts and favors for family. This recipe has an all-natural base which comes out really smooth, and the addition of the great essential oils in it gives it a wonderful flavor and aroma as well as being very good for your lips. We hope that you love this Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm recipe.

The peppermint in the recipe gives your lips a nice cooling feeling and gives a hint of that tingly feel that I love in a good balm, but it’s not overpowering. If you do want it to be a little stronger, just add about 2 to 3 more drops. Essential oils are very potent and go a long way, so just be careful to not over-do it.
The recipe makes about a dozen balms if you are using the standard roll-up type containers.

Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip BalmEasy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm

Ingredients & Supplies

Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip BalmEasy DIY Citrus Mint Lip BalmEasy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip BalmDirections

  1. Fill your double boiler bottom pot to about one-third to half full, and place over medium-high heat. Then, add your beeswax to the top half and place over the heat. It is good to go ahead and measure out the coconut oil and the sweet almond oil so they are set to go. You don’t want to overheat the beeswax, because it has great properties that you don’t want to risk losing by having it on the heat too long.
  2. Line up the balm containers ahead of time. If you can find something to hold them up, that would be great.
  3. Once your beeswax is melted and is a clear consistency, with no lumps in it, add in the coconut oil, stir well, and then as you see it’s about melted too, go ahead and add the sweet almond oil.
  4. Once they are all blended and there are no lumps or chunks left, you can slowly add in the essential oils. Take your time, as some of the oils can be very runny.
    Mix well and then you are all set to start pouring into the containers.
  5. The balm may start to set up a bit as you get to the last few, if you are going pretty slowly, but don’t panic, just put it back over the hot water and let it melt again.
  6. Once they are all filled, let them cool down thoroughly, which takes around an hour at most.
  7. If you want to make labels for them, a great way to keep the label from getting damaged or dirty is to cover with clear packing tape.

Whether you were searching for organic mint lip balm, orange color lip balm, sweet mint lip balm, mintiest lip balm, natural mint lip balm or even the best non sticky lip balm, then our best mint lip balm will not disappoint. We hope that you are inspired by this Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm recipe. Happy creating!

Easy DIY Citrus Mint Lip Balm

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