Ideas for Makeup Organization

Ideas for Makeup Organization

Ideas for Makeup Organization

Tired of overflowing drawers filled with your lotions, creams, and makeup? Are you looking for ways to organize everything without breaking the bank? The key to a clean bathroom is in giving everything a place, but with literally thousands of different organization products on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are best for you. We hope that this Ideas for Makeup Organization post inspires you. 

Ideas for Makeup Organization

How to Organize Your Junk Drawer

Ideas for Makeup Organization

Prioritize Your Essentials

Finding the best organizational tools and methods starts when you Marie Kondo your beauty and body care products. You probably don’t need that lotion you’ve had since 1995, especially if you haven’t used it since 2001. You could also pare down your face lotions if you still have 15 bottles with only a tiny bit left in the bottom of each of them. Get some tiny spatulas and scrape the remainder into one bottle, or just throw them out. When you prioritize the items you use the most, you’ll get a better idea of the kinds of organization tools you need. If your bathroom is reminiscent of a beauty care or body care hoarder, you can start by thinning out the items you haven’t touched in over a year.

Spill Proof Bag

Spill-Proof Bags

Keep all your getting-ready products in one place with a spill-proof bag. For your daily makeup and skincare routine, a bag like the Dopp Kit is perfect for keeping everything together. They are also great for travel with their different compartments and convenient hanging hooks. No more wasting time getting ready in the morning by rummaging through drawers and shelves filled with all the things. The things you need the most are right there to easily access.

Drawer Divider

Drawer Dividers

If your bathroom has drawers, it’s best to separate everything with a drawer divider. This can help you categorize and sort your beauty care tools and products. Put all your eye shadows in one compartment and keep them separate from the blush and brushes. Drawer dividers are an excellent tool to help you keep your makeup from getting ruined and help you easily get ready when you need it.

Open Shelves

Open Shelves

Some people love the look of open shelves, and the key to making this work in a bathroom is having the right size for the products you want to store in that location. A narrower depth will keep you from stashing too many things on one shelf. Perhaps your makeup and lotion products are in pretty bottles and you want to see them. An open-shelf solution can help. Add in small baskets for the smaller items and you have a winning organizational solution.

Over the Door Organizer

Over-the-Door Organizers

A cheap hack is to use the over-the-door shoe organizers, but now many companies make more appealing solutions that do a similar thing. If your bathroom is lacking space, drawers, or shelves, this can be a great option. Each compartment can contain a different type of thing to store all your makeup, hair styling products, skincare, and more. Put everything you need to look your best each day in one of the compartments. This keeps them all close at hand off the counters and away from the sink. After all, no one likes it when the makeup drops in the water and gets ruined.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Whether it’s a large one under the sink or a small one on the counter, a lazy Susan style of organizer can work great for stand-up makeup products. Your foundation, lotions, powders, and more can all go on the shelves. Instead of trying to reach back and awkwardly dig through stuff, you can access them by spinning one of the shelves. Find all your things quickly and keep them together when you use this tool to organize your makeup and body care products.

See Through Containers Beauty

See-Through Containers

Clear containers are perfect for organizing your makeup. It’s especially helpful if you have a large stash of one kind of thing. Imagine wondering where your favorite lipstick went or where your eyeshadow brush got put. Clear containers help you see what’s there so you can easily get to the things you want. There are so many options for clear containers nowadays. You can get drawers, things with compartments to stand things up like lip gloss tubes, and even stackable solutions. Try one of these organizational ideas for your beauty care.

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