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Must Have Beauty Products to Survive the Winter Cold

Must Have Beauty Products to Survive the Winter ColdMust Have Beauty Products to Survive the Winter Cold

The cold, dry air during the winter season can cause havoc on our skin and hair, so taking some extra steps for self-care can make a big difference in both how comfortable we are and how happy our skin and hair are. 

When it comes to winter, here are some of the must-have beauty products to protect and nourish your skin and hair:

Lip balm

With the wind and cold weather, lip balm is essential. Rather than using a lipstick or other product while you are most likely taking a mask on and off anyway, put on a hydrating lip balm that will protect and nourish your lips. If your lips need a little reset, you can use a gentle scrub first and then go in with a deep hydrating balm. 

Hand cream 

When the winter weather causes your hands to feel dry and sometimes even cracked, it can be uncomfortable to go about the days while your hands are in dire need of some TLC. Wear gloves when you can and always have hand cream on you so you can reapply throughout the day. This as well as a lip balm are essential products to always have on you, so that while you are out and about you can reapply as needed and not get to that uncomfortable dry feeling. If you’re in the market for a new hand cream, the Blue Lagoon hand lotion feels luxurious, uses high-quality ingredients, and is really effective. 

Must Have Beauty Products to Survive the Winter ColdSwitch to a gentle cleanser 

As the weather starts changing and you start feeling that in your skin as well, consider the first step of your skincare routine, the cleanser! If you are using an exfoliating or harsh cleanser, this can boost your skin sensitivity and cause significant stress when it is already dealing with dry and cold weather. Instead, use a gentle and hydrating cleanser that is still effective but also further helps to protect your skin barrier. 

Hydrating face mask

Using a hydrating face mask can be the extra step your skin needs for some extra nourishment. Take a little extra time for some self-care one evening and after your cleansing routine, pop on a hydrating face mask where you can skin can soak it all up. Bonus points if you use the next product listed at the same time while you wait for your mask to soak in. 

Body butter

Body butter helps to replenish the skin and calm irritation. It’s thicker than many lotions available on the market, so a little goes a long way. If you want some extra hydration, you can add in a nourishing body oil like jojoba oil so that your body butter has an even bigger boost. Use 1-2x per day for the best results! 

Hydrating treatment for hair 

To continue with the hydrating trend, a hair mask can help bring life back to the hair. When it is too dry, you can experience static and dull hair in the winter which is something you can luckily do a hydrating hair mask once a week to help combat! It is also helpful to reduce the number of times you shower per week so your hair can retain more of its natural oils and experience less stress. 

These are some essential products to use in the winter, and by keeping some other things in mind like lowering the temperature of the water during showers and always patting dry, and considering a humidifier if the air in the house becomes extremely dry, you can set your skin and hair up for its best winter care possible. 

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