Dream Living in California: Top 4 Things You Might Need
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Dream Living in California: Top 4 Things You Might Need

Dream Living in California: Top 4 Things You Might Need

California has become one of the country's most desired destinations thanks to its thriving surf culture, inspiring sunsets, breathtaking national parks, and vast wine selection. The Golden State also offers plenty of amazing opportunities for young professionals due to its diversified culture, thriving business possibilities, and an outstanding selection of commercial and residential land. If you’re ready to give California and your dream living a chance, check the top four things you need before relocating. We hope this Dream Living in California: Top 4 Things You Might Need post inspires you. 


Dream Living in California: Top 4 Things You Might Need

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Dream Living in California: Top 4 Things You Might Need

Find The Perfect Vacant Land

If you’ve invested some time and thought into looking for the best land for sale California has to offer, you already have a specific intent in mind. Maybe you want a large estate for sale in the mountain ranges with groves, vineyards, or fruit trees already in place, or perhaps you need a rural property with plenty of open acreage and water sources readily available for cattle, horses, poultry, or crops. Or, maybe you’re looking to buy a pad with the potential for personalized development where you could build that modern, oceanfront house with panoramic views and beach access you've always dreamt of.

No matter your goals, make sure you write down the criteria you’re looking for before you begin looking for property-for-sale offers; this way, you’ll be able to define a budget. The average farm real estate land value is $10,900 per acre, whereas one-acre cropland averages at $13,860. Pasture parcels for sale come at $3,100 per acre. Don’t forget to also double-check the zoning regulations, building restrictions, and any special requirements as this information can help you filter out the parcels of land and find the right one to build your dream house.


Get a Car

Having a car is a must if you are relocating to California. The majority of the state's towns and cities are low-density areas with few choices for public transportation, so you’ll likely require a car to get around unless you reside right in the heart of more populated counties like San Francisco or San Diego County. And, chances are that heavy traffic may become a constant in your life when living in the Golden State. Highway congestion and delays are common in many areas and the average one-way commute time is nearly 30 minutes!

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Find a Job

With the cost of living rapidly rising, it's best that you sort your employment before moving to the Golden State. Luckily, for newcomers, California offers a virtually limitless range of employment prospects. Despite the fact that the high overall cost of living counters strong wages, the median household income is $78,672 which is still among the highest in the nation.

Agriculture, tourism, and trade are essential statewide industries. A notable industry in Southern California is entertainment, which includes many subcategories such as film, television, and music production. In addition, the San Francisco Bay Area is also renowned for being home to numerous smaller businesses, startups, and technology behemoths like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

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Get Your Hiking Shoes and Beach Towels Ready

California is truly a nature lover’s destination which offers exciting recreational activities. If you love going out, exploring new places, and appreciating the amazing views, or looking for some fun and adventure, you will love moving to California.

California, which stretches for 840 miles along the Pacific Coastline, is encircled by the crystal-clear ocean and gorgeous beaches. Californian activities for a family day out or weekend adventure include lying down on the sand with a chilled beverage, swimming, jet skiing, snorkeling, and taking in the sunrise or sunset.

Hiking is also one of the best activities to do in California for those who enjoy the outdoors. The beautiful, glacier-carved valley of Yosemite, the breathtaking, mountainous coastline in Big Sur, the serenely desolate Mojave Desert, the majestic, snow-capped Mount Shasta, and the rough, untamable wilderness in Solstice Canyon are just a few of the sublime natural sites you can enjoy.


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California has not only a beautiful coastline, natural beauty, stunning views, and many sunny days but also offers some stunning acres for sale, excellent educational institutions, and ample job opportunities. Now that you know the top things you need, you can start planning your move and prepare yourself for the adventures that the Golden State has to offer! We hope this Dream Living in California: Top 4 Things You Might Need post inspires you. Happy travels!

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